Join the Challenge: All donations made to the Core Mission Fund will be matched!

Denver Health serves the most vulnerable residents of Denver, and we are proud to provide high-quality care for those in need. Although we provide more than $246 million annually in uncompensated care to uninsured patients, even that amount is not sufficient to meet the specific needs of some patients. Often our sick and elderly find themselves in fragile circumstances with a shortage of funds. The Patient Assistance Fund provides a safety net in these difficult situations, covering the many needs that cannot be addressed within the confines of a hospital’s operating budget, like co-pays, eyeglasses and hearing aids, transportation costs, to name just a few. It takes a collective effort to ensure the well-being of special populations, and your donation to the Patient Assistance Fund helps our neediest patients, including the poor, uninsured, mentally ill, pregnant teens, persons addicted to alcohol and other substances, victims of violence, the homeless, and people living with AIDS. We rely entirely on gifts and grants to underwrite the Patient Assistance Fund, which is why your contribution is so important.