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Denver Health continues to be at the center of our community’s response to COVID-19. Our remarkable team of health care workers and public health experts is working around the clock to meet this crisis head-on, tackling the current public health emergency and positioning Denver Health to address the evolving health care needs of our community, now and in the future.

Generous donations to Denver Health Foundation’s COVID-19 Urgent Response Fund have enabled Denver Health to pivot quickly to better address the pandemic and to meet the current and future needs of our patients, providers and community.

You can help by contributing to Denver Health Foundation’s COVID-19 Urgent Response Fund to provide foundational support in the following critical areas:

  • Telemedicine Capacity-Building: We are taking steps to upgrade our telemedicine program; we need help expanding it to accommodate the variety of at-home care that will best serve patients and our community. Telemedicine provides immediate relief for appointments, health consultations and health monitoring, and frees up hospital space, preventing transmission and keeping COVID-19 and other patients on the path to healing at home.
  • Leadership in Public Health: Now more than ever, our community understands the essential role of the public health department. As part of our integrated health care system, Denver Public Health is at the forefront of community health data collection, health promotion, essential outbreak detection and investigation services—helping our community return safely to normal functioning and preparing for the next phase of response.
  • Health Care Worker Relief: Maintaining the physical and mental health of our workforce is crucial to Denver Health’s COVID-19 response. We are providing physical and emotional support to doctors, nurses and staff working tirelessly on the front line, including time off to heal from illness and child care supports for their families at home.
  • Behavioral Health Support: Your support enables continued access to behavioral health supports and other essential services during this time of crisis and in preparation to address our community’s ongoing behavioral health needs.
  • Capital and Equipment: We anticipate that an unprecedented surge of critically ill patients is on the horizon, and Denver Health must be ready. In planning for anticipated COVID-19 cases, we have increased ICU capacity and are ensuring the safety of our providers by expanding our supply of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Our patients and community are looking to Denver Health during this immense public health challenge. We are looking to you—now more than ever, you are the foundation of Denver’s health. Click here to donate.