Join Denver Health Foundation’s Year-End Giving Drive! When you give a gift to Denver Health Foundation at this time of the year, you are: 

Funding Vital Health Care Services: Your support provides important funding for Denver Health, enabling our health care system to continue offering essential services to the community, regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. This support ensures that everyone, no matter their financial situation, can access medical care when needed. 

Improving Community Well-Being: By contributing to the Foundation, you are directly contributing to the well-being of the Denver community. Access to health care is fundamental to a community’s health and quality of life. Your support helps improve the lives of individuals and families in Denver. 

Providing Long-Term Impact: Your donation to the Foundation has a lasting impact. It helps sustain Denver Health’s mission and ensures that health care services are available for years to come, making a difference in countless lives over time. 

Getting Involved: Supporting the Foundation is a way to actively engage with and give back to Denver Health and the community. It allows you to be part of a broader effort to improve health care access and contribute to the greater good. 

To invest in Denver Health is to invest in our individual health and the health of our entire city.  

Thank you for your support of Denver Health Foundation.