When you donate to the COVID-19 Urgent Relief Fund you:

Ensure that Denver Health has the number of ICU beds and ventilators to diagnose and treat patients afflicted with COVID-19. Provide relief and help to doctors, nurses and staff working tirelessly on the front line. Support telemedicine innovations that increase our hospital’s capacity, reducing transmission rates while keeping patients on the path to healing at home. Ensure that crucial behavioral health services are there for people during this time of crisis. Your generous contributions are the foundation of Denver’s health.

You can also make an impact in another area:

Contributions from donors like you ensure that Denver Health is able to provide cornerstone support and create a springboard for better health and well-being for each and every person in our community—addressing challenges both within and beyond hospital walls.

You give birth to modern miracles in our neonatal unit; save thousands of people and millions of dollars through innovation, community outreach and preventative care; train the next generation of doctors, nurses and front line health care professionals; help people recover from tragic accidents or just provide patients with the little things that matter so much to their future health and well-being.

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