Denver Health Employees: The Employee Giving Campaign is Here! February 22 – March 22.

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The American Cancer Society and the National Football League Choose Denver Health to Support Needed Cancer Screenings

Thanks to a $50,000 grant provided by the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the National Football League (NFL), Denver Health is launching a community-wide effort to increase cancer screenings – a service that has seen a significant drop in utilization since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many community members have elected to defer health… More

Jon Schlegel, founder of Snooze, and Sean VanBerschot, president of Prosono, join Board of Directors

The Denver Health Foundation welcomes two new members to the board of directors: Jon Schlegel and Sean VanBerschot. Jon is the co-founder of the well-known and beloved Snooze restaurant group. After spending time in Italy developing Attimo Winery, he’s back in Denver and embracing new opportunities to make a difference in our community. By serving… More

Global Adult Down Syndrome Clinic Provides Critical Resources and Medical Care for Adults with Down Syndrome

Michelle Sie Whitten, co-founder and CEO of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation (Global), is on a mission to ensure that all people with Down syndrome receive the care and attention they deserve to live a long, purposeful life. It’s a mission that aligns with the work of Denver Health and the Denver Health Foundation and… More

Denver Health Foundation and Amp the Cause Collaborate to Address Food Security Crisis in Denver

With support from the Denver Health Foundation, Amp the Cause’s Fill the Void program will collaborate with Denver Health to provide grocery gift cards to patients in need. Denver Health’s patient population is disproportionately more likely to experience food insecurity – defined as reduced food quality or reduced food intake – than the broader Denver… More

More Than 800 Coats Donated to Community Members in Need

Throughout December, the Denver Health Foundation is donating coats and other cold-weather gear to community members living in vulnerable situations. Over 600 coats for young children were delivered to Head Start and will be given to families in need. For parents with limited resources, providing a new winter coat for their growing children each year… More

Three Denver Health Physicians Awarded $75,000 in Research Grants

The Denver Health Foundation and Denver Health’s Office of Research have recently awarded three faculty members, Dr. Eric Campion, Dr. Stacy Trent, and Dr. Nicole Werner, $25,000 each for pilot study research. A pilot study is an important early component of a researcher’s larger project. The pilot study tests variables like research techniques, data collection,… More

Powered by Philanthropy: The Anschutz Foundation Funds New Mobile Health Center

The Anschutz Foundation’s recent gift to the Denver Health Foundation will revolutionize the way Denver Health delivers health care outside of the traditional clinical setting. As an extension of Denver Health’s community clinics, the Mobile Health Center will be utilized for COVID-19 testing as its first priority. Teams will take the Mobile Health Center directly… More

Grant Provides Paramedic Scholarships for 29 Individuals, Including Five Armed Services Veterans

Denver Health is building the next wave of healthcare workers by teaming up with community partners to offer educational opportunities for all employees, especially those from disenfranchised communities. Thanks to the Daniels Fund, $75,000 was granted to 29 Denver Health employees to cover their program costs for either EMT or paramedics training. The hope is… More

Partnership with WIC and SNAP Addresses Food Insecurity for Medicaid Patients

At Denver Health, we know that great health isn’t just the result of a doctor’s visit. Because we never turn away anyone for care, we’re uniquely positioned to see patients from every walk of life during clinical visits, which provides us with a real opportunity to impact their lives outside of a medical setting. It’s… More

Donor-funded Peer Support Program for Caregivers Continues to Impact Lives

What’s the next big health crisis? According to many health organizations, it’s one closely tied to COVID-19: a nationwide mental health crisis. Everyone has lived through stressful experiences these past few months, and one group that’s been particularly hard hit is our frontline heroes – the doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other caregivers who have shown… More