$500,000 Helps Employees Facing Financial Hardship

Maintaining the physical and mental health of our workforce was crucial to Denver Health’s COVID-19 response. Doctors, nurses, EMTs, environmental service staff, and other frontline staff are worked long, exhausting shifts, exposing themselves to the virus and presenting them with the agonizing choice of being separated from their family members or putting them at risk.… More

Photo Gallery: Incredible Community Generosity During COVID-19

Over the past few weeks, countless in our community have come together to support Denver Health, its healthcare workers, and the patients they care for. Since mid-March, the Foundation and Volunteer Services teams have fielded hundreds of calls from individuals and organizations with items to donate. That’s led to: PPE: 690,569 pieces including 167,863 medical… More

One patient’s life changed after a transformative orthopedic operation

For nearly 40 years, Kemal Hebano lived with something that became normal to him, but looked to the world like a debilitating disability. A childhood injury and improper treatment of that injury had left him with a leg that was severely bent and a bad limp when he walked. By the time he was in… More

Denver Health’s RISE – Resilience in Stressful Events – offers staff and families emotional support. Donors help make it possible.

Since implementation at Denver Health in January, the RISE program has offered resources and support for an overwhelming amount of frontline staff working in a high-stress environment. Donors have made that possible.

15 Denver Health paramedics receive awards for saving lives

DENVER — Denver Health Medical Center paramedics respond to nearly 120,000 calls each year, taking more than 80,000 patients to the hospital. Fifteen of them received awards for their heroic actions at the annual Denver Health Paramedics Award Ceremony on Thursday. Cpt. Julie Arellano and Lt. Tim Brown have seen a lot in their combined… More

Denver Health clinic for domestic violence victims opens at the Rose Andom Center

Victims of domestic violence in Colorado can now be helped from all angles at a single spot, thanks to a partnership between the Rose Andom Center, Denver Health, MotherWise and the Colorado Health Foundation. The new Denver Health medical clinic inside the Rose Andom Center – unveiled during a ribbon-cutting ceremony Monday – will provide… More

Meet the Groups Improving Transgender Healthcare in Colorado.

Local organizations Transformative Freedom Fund and Denver Health want to make sure transgender individuals are getting the care they need.” Marvyn Allen’s life revolved around the binder. For many years, Allen wore the skintight piece of clothing, which flattens the chest, to achieve a more masculine appearance—even, at times, while sleeping. Then one day, the… More

Hospitals are buying up housing units, helping ‘stranded’ patients find a home

DENVER – One patient at Denver Health, the city’s largest safety net hospital, occupied a bed for more than four years – a hospital record of 1,558 days. Another admitted for a hard-to-treat bacterial infection needed eight weeks of at-home IV antibiotics, but had no home. A third, with dementia, came to the hospital after… More

Off-Duty Paramedic Saves Baby

Anyone who works in the medical profession knows you are never really “off duty,” even when you are not working. Denver Health paramedic James Boyer demonstrated that during a recent trip to the Denver Zoo. Boyer was enjoying a day out with his wife and two young boys – when Sarah and Erik Riggs had… More

‘Makes A World Of Difference’: Thousands Give Back During Xcel Energy’s Day Of Service

DENVER (CBS4) – Thousands of Coloradans volunteered at projects across the state for Xcel Energy’s 9th annual Day of Service. They came together for 83 nonprofit projects which benefit countless people. “We have close to 4,000 people out right at this exact point in time, giving back to their communities, doing a variety of projects,”… More