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Three Denver Health Physicians Awarded $75,000 in Research Grants

December 3, 2020

The Denver Health Foundation and Denver Health’s Office of Research have recently awarded three faculty members, Dr. Eric Campion, Dr. Stacy Trent, and Dr. Nicole Werner, $25,000 each for pilot study research.

A pilot study is an important early component of a researcher’s larger project. The pilot study tests variables like research techniques, data collection, and recruitment of subjects to determine the feasibility of a project before launching into a full-scale study.

Since the grant program began in early 2018, nineteen Denver Health physicians have received a Pilot Study Research Grant which has led, in many cases, to external funding from powerhouse research organizations like the National Institutes of Health.

This year, the projects our awardees will focus on are:

  • Prehospital end tidal carbon dioxide (the amount of carbon dioxide released at the end of an exhaled breath) for field triage and prediction of injury severity (Dr. Eric Campion)
  • Impact of high sensitivity troponin (proteins integral to cardiac muscle contraction) on the prevalence of acute heart attacks, resources utilization, and patient outcomes (Dr. Stacy Trent)
  • Developing and testing a patient-centered approach to measuring long-term outcomes after Intensive Care Unit survival (Dr. Nicole Werner)

We look forward to seeing how their preliminary results lead to larger initiatives that promote our community’s health and well-being.

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