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Jon Schlegel, founder of Snooze, and Sean VanBerschot, president of Prosono, join Board of Directors

February 1, 2021

The Denver Health Foundation welcomes two new members to the board of directors: Jon Schlegel and Sean VanBerschot.

Jon is the co-founder of the well-known and beloved Snooze restaurant group. After spending time in Italy developing Attimo Winery, he’s back in Denver and embracing new opportunities to make a difference in our community. By serving on the Denver Health Foundation Board of Directors, Jon intends to merge his talents with the Foundation’s vision in order to make an extraordinary impact, particularly around food security.

“As a Colorado native, I’m proud to serve the Denver Health community through my passion and purpose in life – to help people feel great through food, beverage, and positive experiences,” Jon said. “As a Ballpark resident and business owner, I hope to continue to engage all walks of life for the opportunity to feed, shelter, and create positive experiences for the powerful vehicle that is Denver Health!”

Sean has been a long-time champion of the Denver Health Foundation and brings a high-energy approach to his new role. As president and partner at Prosono, a company dedicated to improving social impact and business strategy for organizations, Sean has deep insight into what our communities care about most, and will be a strong asset in moving the Denver Health Foundation – and the city of Denver – into the future.

“I have spent my life working to support communities that I live in,” Sean said. “The importance and role of Denver Health in this community touch all of us and change our community every day.  To serve and support Denver Health is truly one of the greatest ways to support our Denver Metro community.”

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