As President and Partner at Prosono, Sean is driven by his values of trust, responsibility, and equity. Sean has spent the past 5 years launching and growing Prosono’s professional services while also leading delivery across education, housing, healthcare, and many more industries for corporations, non-profits, and government entities. Prosono has received numerous awards in its 5 years, including Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce’s Start-up of the Year, Best for Colorado Honors, and more.

Prior to Prosono, Sean had been primarily focused on the nonprofit sector. He worked to build great organizations by creating strong organizationally aligned teams, purpose, and culture, which attracts and supports talent; building organizational strategy; designing and delivering support and execution systems; and managing P&L. He achieved significant success along the way including:

  • Launching and leading 5 regions for a national program
  • Managing a regional program of over $12 million per year that supported 400 active educators, 1,200 alumni leaders in public policy and elected office, and a leadership staff of 40+
  • Leading a national taskforce to re-design and execute a new economic model for a $600+ million nonprofit
  • Drafting and securing policies in Colorado and New Mexico to improve workforce access and impact
  • Increasing a national program’s footprint from 4 sites to 7 sites while increasing revenue by 35%

Sean VanBerschot has a Bachelor’s in History from the University of Illinois and a Master’s in Arts of Teaching from Western New Mexico University, while also a Bonfils-Livingston Fellow, Center for Progressive Leadership Fellow, Colorado Governor’s Fellow, and AEI Leadership Member. Currently, Sean is a Member of Colorado Succeeds Board of Advisors and a Member of Denver Museum of Nature and Institute for Nature & Policy.