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Why Support a Public Hospital

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Denver Health is the cornerstone of health care for our community, successfully delivering vital services and programs to the general population and those with special needs. From the city’s 911 medical emergency response system to health centers based in schools and the community, our integrated health system works on behalf of all the people of Denver and will continue to make high-level care accessible to anyone who needs it. We operate a comprehensive network throughout the community, delivering basic health care, specialized care and uninsured care. By successfully shouldering the bulk of Denver’s uninsured care, we ensure that health care in the city — from both public and private sectors — remains stable and economically viable.

Recognized as a national model of success

At Denver Health, we care for the whole patient with integrated, high-quality care delivered where it's accessible to the patient. Our 500-bed acute care hospital is centrally located in Denver, and our community health centers and school-based clinics are based in close proximity to vulnerable populations. These satellite facilities provide the primary care and wrap-around services necessary to keep the city's neediest residents in better health and out of the emergency room. It's this cost-efficient, highly accessible system that has been recognized as a national success and a model of health care for the future.

Award-winning care

In addition to providing a significant portion of the city’s uninsured care — $3 billion since 1991 — Denver Health delivers high-quality outcomes that rival or exceed the most highly regarded teaching hospitals in the country. Our specialties in trauma, orthopedics, urology, infectious disease and complications due to eating disorders are prime examples, having achieved national rankings and exceptional reputations. In fact, we house the busiest trauma center in the state, and victims of trauma are more likely to survive if they come to Denver Health over any other hospital in our region.

Denver Health was also awarded the Shingo Award in 2011, the only health care organization to ever be honored with this award, which recognizes organizations that apply universally accepted principles of operational excellence to empower people and transform organizational culture.

The new era of safety-net care

As other hospitals get ready to adapt to new health care policy, specifically the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Denver Health is several steps ahead of the game. Our integrated health system is unlike any other in the state and one of the few in the country. Whether we are serving Medicaid or Medicare patients with comprehensive services at a community health center, the increasing number of newly insured patients at our hospital, or those who still do not have insurance, Denver Health will continue to prove world-class care can and should be available to everyone.

Our integrated health system delivers comprehensive care through many channels. Denver Health:

  • Cares for 1 in 3 adults in Denver
  • Delivers approximately 3,400 of Denver’s babies each year
  • Cares for 35% of Denver’s children
  • Trains future doctors in 31 different medical specialties
  • Operates the region’s only academic Level I Trauma Center

Help us keep Denver strong and healthy. Make a gift today to the cornerstone of our community's health care system, Denver Health.