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Your Impact: COVID-19 Response

Above: Denver Health frontline staff smile in gratitude for the donations of PPE, meals, and even Crocs shoes donated by our supporters.

Thank you for continuing to partner with us in our fight against COVID-19

With today’s novel coronavirus pandemic, our community faces a challenge as great as any we’ve seen in recent history. Denver Health’s remarkable team of healthcare workers and public health experts is working around the clock to meet this crisis head-on, tackling the current public health emergency and positioning Denver Health to address the evolving healthcare needs of our community, now and in the future.

As one of the 10 leading hospitals in the country designated to deal with highly infectious diseases, Denver Health is one of Colorado’s greatest assets on the front lines of our community’s response to COVID-19. Our interdisciplinary healthcare leaders and staff are working tirelessly to reduce transmission rates, save lives and provide ongoing medical care for other illnesses and conditions. 

How does your support play a role in our fight against COVID-19?

You - our donor - are the foundation of Denver's health. By supporting our COVID-19 Urgent Relief Fund, you're providing essential care to all who need it in our community. That means our patients and caregivers alike are receiving the support - both physically and mentally - they need to combat this crisis. We're not done yet, and continue to ask for donations to help us eliminate COVID-19 from our community. Yet, we also want to share the incredible accomplishments you've already been a part of. Over the past few weeks, you've delivered in a big way.

How your support has made a difference

Denver Health, through your support, is:
  • Economically, mentally, and logistically supporting our healthcare workers, who are fighting on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Serving as a primary architect of the community’s public health response and preparedness effort;
  • Increasing telemedicine capacity for outpatient visits to ensure the health and safety of our community;
  • Expanding our COVID-19 response space and equipment to meet the current and emerging needs of patients;
  • More than doubling our hospital’s intensive care capacity;
  • Participating in a National Institute of Health research trial for COVID-19 treatment;
  • Increasing access to behavioral health services, including addiction treatment, as part of our crisis response; and
  • Continuing to provide world-class care to all patients who need other medical attention, regardless of their ability to pay.

Photo collage of community donations

Denver Country Club

The Denver Country Club, together with its members and Shamrock Foods, have generously donated family meals to frontline workers.

Girl Scout Delivery

A Denver Healh employee's daughter drops off packagers of Girl Scout Cookies with personal notes to our cargivers.

Mission of Mercy

Mission of Mercy offers a two-day free dental clinic every year. This year, they chose to donate their stockpile of PPE equipment to Denver Healh in support of our COVID-19 response efforts.


Junk Trunk

Junk Trunk donated meals to support our EMTs.


Maine Shack

Maine Shack donated meals to support our caregivers.


Wayne's Smoke Shack

Denver Health employees shared their love for Wayne's Smoke Shack's donation!


Lane Supply

Lane Supply generously donated to support our frontline staff.


Denver Dumb Friends League

Our entire city has come together to support Denver Health! Denver Dumb Friends League dropped off some PPE donations early on.


Personal Thank Yous

One donor's chidlren wanted to share their support for Denver Health by writing thank you notes for our team.


Turner Construction

Turner Construction is working hard on a big project for us, but they made the time to drop of supplies to help our caregivers as well.

Critical areas your donations support

Donations to the COVID-19 relief fund make an impact in five critical areas, enabling us to respond with excellence, both now and in the future:


Denver Health is currently developing a “Hospital At Home” program to broaden our telemedicine program for patients, including a home care equipment package (with data-enabled tablet, blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, scale, and glucometer, depending on the patient’s condition) to reduce patient risk and community exposure, while ensuring appropriate clinical care can be provided to vulnerable populations. Telemedicine provides immediate relief for appointments, health consultations, and health monitoring, and frees up hospital space, while preventing transmission. 

Public Health

Our public health team is working with local and state partners to ensure our community, healthcare workers, and other service providers receive accurate information. They have developed extensive protocols for identifying, responding to, and isolating confirmed and possible COVID-19 cases within Denver to limit our risks from a local outbreak. They are also working with community partners to ensure that social distancing measures implemented at the state and local level are followed appropriately. All of this work aims to return the community to health and normal functioning as quickly and safely as possible.

Healthcare Worker Relief 

Maintaining the physical and mental health of our workforce is crucial to Denver Health’s COVID-19 response. Doctors, nurses, EMTs, environmental service staff, and other frontline staff are working long, exhausting shifts, exposing themselves to the virus and presenting them with the agonizing choice of being separated from their family members or putting them at risk. The next few months will bring an intensity to their work that few have experienced. We are eager to deploy evidence-based models to address the emotional toll this crisis will have on our frontline providers.

Behavioral Health

Social isolation and the anxiety of a crisis period can be difficult for any of us. It is even harder for those vulnerable to mental illness or addiction. Your support enables increased access to behavioral health supports, including methadone clinic access for those suffering addiction to opiates and other drugs, as well as other essential services during this time of crisis and in preparation to address our community’s ongoing behavioral health needs.

Equipment and Capacity

The institution has already stepped up COVID-19 testing and was one of the first hospitals to provide in-house, local testing, making results available in 8-12 hours. In planning for COVID-19 cases, Denver Health has been working to increase our ability to respond, growing our intensive care capacity by more than double to care for critically ill patients. We are converting medical/surgical hospital rooms to intensive care beds, rewiring patient rooms to support more advanced equipment, purchasing and renting additional ventilators, and drastically expanding our supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure the safety of our providers.

Looking forward: what's next for Denver Health?

Denver Health today is as essential as we have ever been. We have been a safety net and springboard for our patients for 160 years. In this time of crisis, we also serve as a safety net institution for the community as a whole. Other healthcare clinics are looking to Denver Health to support their workers, provide COVID-19 testing and lead the healthcare sector in Colorado. Now is the moment to retool how we deliver care, to ensure we emerge from this crisis stronger than before, and even better positioned to serve our community for the next 160 years.

We are keenly aware of the need to prepare for a changing health landscape and stand ready for the next public health emergency. We rely on our partnership with private funders -- families, individuals, and institutional partners -- to save lives and to deliver the high-quality care everyone in Denver needs.

We are looking to you: now more than ever, you are the foundation of Denver’s health. Together, we can overcome this great challenge and save countless lives. Click here to donate.