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The greatest need: your help with COVID-19

March 24, 2020

Today, Denver Health is at the center of our community’s response to COVID-19. Reducing transmission rates, saving lives and providing ongoing medical care for other illnesses and conditions requires Denver Health to think creatively, act fast and take extraordinary measures at great but necessary expense. You can help by contributing to Denver Health Foundation’s COVID-19 Urgent Response Fund to provide foundational support in four critical areas:

Equipment and capacity
You ensure that Denver Health has enough tests, ICU beds and ventilators to treat those most seriously affected by COVID-19.

Healthcare worker relief
Doctors, nurses, EMTs and frontline medical workers will work long, exhausting shifts, exposing themselves to the virus and separating them from their families. Many will become sick and need time off to fight the illness. Others need help now to provide support such as childcare for their homebound families. Your donations provide supplies that keep staff healthy, pay for overtime, help finance extended sick leave and paid time off—and help us help their children and families.

Denver Health is a leader in innovative telemedicine—we need help expanding it to serve patients in their homes, providing immediate relief for appointments, health consultations and health monitoring that frees up hospital space and prevents transmission. Your donations go to iPads, blood pressure monitors and other equipment that expands the reach of our telemedicine network to every part of Denver.

Behavioral health
Social isolation is difficult for even the strongest among us—it is even harder for those vulnerable to mental illness. Their behavioral health needs are likely to intensify. So, too, must our help. We must also be there for the homeless and those who are fighting against addiction. Your support enables increased access to behavioral health supports, methadone clinic access and other essential services during this time of crisis.

Now more than ever, you are the foundation of Denver’s health. Together, we can overcome this great challenge and save countless lives. Click here to donate.