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Denver Health’s RISE – Resilience in Stressful Events – offers staff and families emotional support. Donors help make it possible.

May 19, 2020

RISE, or Resilience in Stressful Events, was developed by Johns Hopkins University to offer resources to staff facing stress in their work environment. The program went live at Denver Health earlier this year – and then COVID-19 hit. Since then the need for the program has ballooned from a couple dozen staff per month that utilized RISE resources to hundreds per day during the peak of Denver Health’s emergency response to the pandemic. It also led to the creation of RISE Up, a program for children of employees.

Donors played a large role in ensuring that the RISE program could continue to operate. In fact, $350,000 was donated to keep the program operating throughout the summer. Additionally, countless organizations have provided in-kind food and drink donations, which are used to encourage staff to step into the hospital’s dedicated RISE space to grab a snack and connect to their peers.

CBS4 Denver recently featured Denver Health’s RISE program and explored why this program has been so critical to our frontline staff over the past few months. Click here to view the story.

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