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Refugees receive daily essentials at annual event

April 8, 2019

DENVER — Several dozen families who came to this country as refugees, were all smiles in Denver Sunday.

The Denver Health Lowry Clinic provided them with new clothes, including shoes, pajama, coats shoes and backpacks.

Many of the children recently arrived here from countries like Afghanistan, Eritrea, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Seven-year-old refugee Joshua Kemabala said, “I was looking for clothes pajamas and toys. I found my favorite toy as the toy section.”

Joshua’s father, Emmanuel Kamabela said, “When my boy is happy. I’m happy too. His happiness is mine too. Because when he is not happy I don’t know I am going to feel because my job is to help him be happy.”

On this day, the Denver Health Refugee Clinic tried to help the Kembalas and a dozens of other refugee families.

In just a few hours, the Clinic in Lowry gave these kids things many of them have never received before.

Denver Health Refugee Clinic Medical Director, Dr. Janine Young said, “No one has toothbrushes. They are using chewing sticks to brush their teeth. They’ve never seen a dentist before. I frankly think it’s the right thing to do.”

Little Joshua was born in a refugee camp in Africa.

His family -on the run for years- escaped political persecution in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Clinic worker, Adrian Matadi, a refugee himself said, “They’ve been through some rough times? Yes. Running. Dying without water, food for miles.”

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