R.O.C.K.—Refugee Outreach Clothing Kids

December 18, 2015

Each year 70,000 refugees are settled in the US.  Many of them arrive after experiencing unspeakable hardships on their long journey to America.  They have fled religious and political persecution, starvation, illness, civil war, famine and drought.  With the help of the United Nations and the US government they are re-settled in communities across the country.  When refugees are placed in Denver, their healthcare is provided at the Denver Health Refugee Clinic (DHRC) located in Lowry at 1001 Yosemite Street.  Some 600 refugees are screened at DHRC per year.

The clinic sees both adult and pediatric patients. Current patients have recently arrived from: 

Democratic Republic of Congo

For these families, their needs can be overwhelming.  In addition to the culture shock and social adjustment, a large number of them have vitamin deficiencies and their children struggle with malnutrition.  Fortunately, they have been welcomed with open arms by Denver Health.  For the first time in their lives they are now receiving life-saving medical care and they are on the road to recovery.

On Sunday, April 10, 2016 the Denver Health Lowry Clinic will host a clothing distribution for newly arrived refugee children.  You can ease the transition to their new country by supporting R.O.C.K., Refugee Outreach Clothing Kids.

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