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Phlebotomy Students Thank Denver Health Foundation Donors for Scholarship Opportunity

August 11, 2021

(L to R) Luis, Danny, Jenaé, Lindsey, Hannah, Esmeralda, Margarita, Sandra

Each year, the Denver Health Foundations Safety Net program – funded by generous donors – provides scholarships for a group of hard-working individuals to attend phlebotomy school. They recently came together for a photo and to pass along a note of thanks to each individual that made their scholarship possible.

“Thank you for the generous Phlebotomy School scholarship. I have been looking for more experience in medicine and patient care for a long time and when I heard of the phlebotomy school, I knew it would be perfect. When I was applying, it was unsure whether the scholarship was available or not which was worrisome for me since I am already a full-time college student. Eventually, I plan to attend medical school and get my MD and phlebotomy is an important step on my path. I view it as one of the most important experiences before I get to medical school. Thank you so much for the opportunity to get further towards my goals, develop relationships with classmates and other phlebotomists and experience direct patient care.” – Hannah

“I would like to thank the Denver Health Foundation for this gracious opportunity to learn phlebotomy. As a current chemistry student at UCD, I am very grateful for the chance to immerse myself in a professional setting. With this opportunity, I feel like there are so many doors to open in terms of working in healthcare. I would like to thank the Foundation for helping me find a place where I fit in.” – Danny

“I want to thank you so much for the scholarship to help me pay for the tuition and fees for the phlebotomy program at Denver Health. As a current CNA/unit clerk at Denver Health and I am also in nursing school, this opportunity gives me the chance to gain the knowledge, confidence, and experience I will need as a future RN at Denver Health. I have already learned so much. Thank you once again for this amazing opportunity!” – Jenae

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the Denver Health Foundation for funding my Phlebotomy School education. It was one of my dreams to work in a clinical setting, and after many years of putting this dream on hold, I am here today feeling ecstatic and so grateful for this amazing experience that I appreciate more than words can say. As a proud DH employee, I have contributed with my small donation to the foundation for past 8 years, because I believe in the mission and I have been a witness of all the gifts/opportunities granted to our community. I always give without expecting anything in return, but today I am very happy that I was the one to receive one of those amazing gifts. Thank you, once again, for the opportunity and for the support to help me grow as an individual and as a professional.” – Esmerelda

“I am a premed student at Metropolitan State University. I have always loved helping others and realized early on in my life that medicine is the way I can do what I am most passionate about. When I found out about the phlebotomy program I applied without a thought. I had lost my job when the pandemic shut restaurants down and I was struggling financially. I was worried I would have to decline the position. Because of this scholarship I am now on my way to be a phlebotomist at one of the best hospitals in the nation. I am extremely grateful that others saw the potential in me to cover the cost of the program.” – Luis

“I want to say thank you for the scholarship for Phlebotomy School and the opportunity that not many people have. A little bit about me… I am a Denver Health employee since March of 2020. When I was 15 years old I had a kidney transplant. Being part of the medical field makes me feel like I am helping others like how they helped me. So thank you so much! This is a big stepping stone for me and I appreciate the opportunity. It is life changing for me!” – Sandra

“I am very grateful for the amazing opportunity to learn about phlebotomy and patient care. The Denver Health Foundation allows me to learn phlebotomy without worrying about the costs. That helps me solely focus on learning and honing my skills as a phlebotomist. Phlebotomy is the next step for me in pursuing a career in the medical field. My future goal is to become a family physician, so working as a phlebotomist will provide a great amount of clinical experience and patient interaction. Gaining more clinical experience will help me in my journey to become a part of the healthcare system. This grant enables me to get closer to my goals working in the medical field and helping people.” – Lindsey

“I am incredibly grateful to the Denver Health Foundation for the scholarship I have received. I have been working at Denver Health for a little under seven years and I wanted something a little more challenging. Phlebotomy absolutely helps in that regard as it gives more insight into the laboratory world as well. This is also extremely helpful because I hope to some day become a medical laboratory scientist or at the very least keep working in the lab in some way. I really appreciate the help in making my goals a little closer.” – Margarita

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