Grant Provides Paramedic Scholarships for 29 Individuals, Including Five Armed Services Veterans

August 26, 2020

Denver Health is building the next wave of healthcare workers by teaming up with community partners to offer educational opportunities for all employees, especially those from disenfranchised communities.

Thanks to the Daniels Fund, $75,000 was granted to 29 Denver Health employees to cover their program costs for either EMT or paramedics training. The hope is that each of these individuals will continue working for Denver Health in a position that allows for more financial stability thanks to their newly acquired skills.

Emergency Medical Services is a largely white male dominated industry. Denver Health Paramedics wants to change that statistic in order to be more representative of the community they serve. Without financial support, many Denver Health employees from underserved communities would not have the chance to attend these courses. This barrier prevents many from entering a career that could be a springboard to other opportunities in life.

In his scholarship application essay, one recipient captured the profound impact this award will have on his life: “To possibly be considered as a candidate to receive the Boundless Opportunity Scholarship would literally be just that to me and my family. It would increase my horizons past where I’m able to currently see and make them boundless, it would cultivate an opportunity that not many get to partake in, and it would truly be another blessing.”

Additionally, his desire—and those of other applicants like him—wasn’t just to better his future: he also hopes to make an impact in the community.

“With more education and understanding of what is required in times of urgency; I could contribute to saving someone’s life,” the applicant said.

To sponsor the next wave of Denver Health paramedics and help boost not only their career and life prospects, but also the level of support we provide to our entire community, click here to donate.

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