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Denver Health clinic for domestic violence victims opens at the Rose Andom Center

October 30, 2019

Victims of domestic violence in Colorado can now be helped from all angles at a single spot, thanks to a partnership between the Rose Andom Center, Denver Health, MotherWise and the Colorado Health Foundation.

The new Denver Health medical clinic inside the Rose Andom Center – unveiled during a ribbon-cutting ceremony Monday – will provide victims of domestic violence or abuse immediate care as they are seeking resources through the center, the only family justice center in the state. 

Of the 140 similar facilities in the nation, the Rose Andom Center is only the second to provide integrated health and primary care to victims and their children, along with forensic documentation, follow-up care and behavioral health services.

“This groundbreaking service will no doubt save lives by identifying and providing care to victims who have been strangled, who have had health consequences from experiencing unrelenting stress, and ensuring consistent prenatal care and support during pregnancy,” said Margaret Abrams, the executive director of the Rose Andom Center.

Domestic violence crimes in Denver are up this year compared with 2018, according to data compiled by The Denver Post. The latest data as of Oct. 28 shows at least 1,857 domestic violence crimes reported so far in 2019, which breaks down to about 188 incidents reported a month, or roughly six reports each day.

Last year, Denver averaged about 176 domestic violence crimes reported each month compared with 198 reports per month in 2017.

About 40 people lost their lives to domestic violence in Colorado in 2018, according to the Associated Press.

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