Celebrating fashion in Cherry Creek

October 24, 2013

From The Denver Post: The show was a month later than originally planned, and the new venue was inside a hotel ballroom rather than in an open-air plaza.

But the crowd was ready to see some fashion, so when it was finally time for the Celebrate Fashion show to hit the runway at the JW Marriott in Cherry Creek North, the crowd was primed.

Leading off the parade of fall looks from mostly independent boutiques were children's outfits, and yes, the kids stole the show. The vibrant Western wear-inspired styles from Young Colors, and the fanciful outfits from Little Me's were a hit with both the miniature models and the packed house.

The men's and women's wear that followed came from a dozen stores and eyewear boutiques and ran the gamut from sexy undies by SOL Lingerie, to furs and evening wear by Marks-Lloyds Furs and Mariel. In between were ensembles to wear for work and play featuring lots of gray, cozy sweaters, leather and sportswear from such stores as Beyond 9, which opened about a year ago at 231 Milwaukee St. “I didn't know what to expect and I was really happy with it,” said owner Asmir Brkic.

Proceeds from ticket sales are being donated to the Denver Health Foundation.

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