Delivering health, social and economic solutions every day—and for every person.

Nobody in Denver should be at higher risk for disease and death due to racism, how much they earn, where they live and how much food they can afford to put on the table.

In our city, noticeable health disparities exist between zip codes – even those right next to each other. The map below shows the differences in life expectancy by zip code. To explore other disparities in our city, or to see how your zip code compares to others, visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Community Health Equity Map.

Through partnership with its donors, Denver Health attacks social and economic determinants of health by providing economic opportunity to those who have been shut out and overlooked. We seek and hire those most in need of well paying jobs and provide professional training that puts their talent to work for all in Denver. And, we use our purchasing power to support local businesses owned and operated by minorities and women.

If you’d like to join us in making a systemic, community-wide difference, consider a donation to the Denver Health Foundation. Your gift will go straight to work to impact the issues most important to you.