Isaiah McGregory
Major Gifts Officer

Isaiah has a passion for people. He was drawn to Denver Health because of their dedication to ensure that people have what they need in order to live an enjoyable and healthy life. Denver Health Foundation is an ideal place for him to put his skills and passion to use.

Isaiah has more than 17 years of nonprofit experience focusing on brand management, grant writing, financial development, logistical development, volunteer coordination, philanthropy, and communication. He is a marketing and outreach expert with 13 years of managing short and long term campaigns on budgets ranging from $0 to $30 million. He has built and maintained personal and professional relationships with tens of thousands of people throughout the world. Prior to arriving at Denver Health Foundation, he managed major projects in 28 cities in 12 countries. Some notable projects that he has constructed have been in collaboration with Danny Glover, Malala Yousafzai, and Pope Francis. Isaiah is considered to be a professional fundraiser having raised over $11 million single handedly.

Isaiah majored in Integrated Communications at Colorado State University-Pueblo. His time at the university opened the door to a world of volunteerism and he served over 5,000 hours of community service with many international organizations. Isaiah has traveled and worked in 40 different countries. When he is not out exploring the world, he is hanging out and spending time with his friends in Denver.