Conner Grebenc. Denver Health Foundation business portraits at headquarters in Denver, Colorado, on Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2023.

Conner Grebenc
Gifts Processing Specialist

Joining Denver Health Foundation as Gifts Processing Specialist, Conner extends a long family history of working for Denver Health. Conner’s mom was previously a Pharmacist at Denver Health, and his sister is currently a pediatric dental assistant. Working for an institution committed to providing world-class care for everyone while addressing the social and economic barriers to health for communities across Denver has brought Conner and his family immense pride and inspiration.

Conner’s mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2005. Conner has made it his mission to help those with medical barriers receive the medical help they deserve. Conner valued the compassion of the health care professionals working to help his mom and similarly wants to give back to the Denver Community.

Before working for Denver Health Foundation, Conner worked as a gift processing and database specialist for Habitat for Humanity. In 2012, Conner and his sister started an egg business called Shelby’s Happy Chapped Chicken Butt Farm. Conner worked with his sister as the farm’s Chief Operations Officer, helping produce an average of 50 dozen eggs a day and donating over 100 dozen eggs a month to homeless shelters in the Denver Metro area. The farm was featured on the national CBS News with Scott Pelley, Modern Farmer, Broomfield Enterprise, The Denver Post and Westword. In addition, the business was recognized for being owned, at the time, by America’s youngest Animal Welfare Approved farmers.

Outside of work, Conner enjoys outdoor recreational activities, raising a sounder of pigs which include American Guinea Hogs, KuneKunes, Hampshires, and Mangalitsas. He also has a Jersey calf and a Holstein/Angus calf. Conner is pursuing an education in Public Administration in hopes of growing throughout the Denver Health organization for a lifetime of helping those in the Denver community.