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Maeve Heslin, P.M.P.
Donor Database Supervisor

Maeve’s strong conviction that access to quality, affirming healthcare is a basic human right brought her to Denver Health Foundation. She is proud that her work helps remove barriers to underserved and marginalized populations, particularly those in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Her eclectic career has stretched across many industries but the throughline has always been data. Maeve’s work philosophy is one of Kaizen (改善), the concept of striving for constant improvement that has led to the development of LEAN practices. As such, Maeve always strives to better herself and her surroundings, whether it’s through processes improvement, continued education, or just adjusting her own attitude and approach.

Maeve is a Project Management Institute accredited Project Management Professional and uses her expertise to support her goal to optimize DHF’s underlying database structures as well as its supporting policies and procedures.

Maeve grew up in Southern California and has a degree in Cultural Anthropology from University of California, Santa Barbara. She moved to Colorado in late 2011 and considers herself to be a ‘naturalized Coloradan’. In her free time, Maeve is an avid fiber artist, a novice herpetologist, and caretaker of more cats and houseplants than is probably advisable.