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Christopher Mena

Christopher Mena
Senior Development Associate

Christopher jumped at the chance to work with Denver Health Foundation in order to serve the city, community and hospital that shaped him into the person he is today.

Christopher currently works with the Proposal, Allocation, and Reporting (PAR) Team, his duties falling under the post-award stage. This includes coordinating contracts and awards for execution among multiple departments within the hospital system, working with project groups to provide financial and narrative reports to funders, and assisting backed programs with various tasks to ensure funds are being properly stewarded.

Christopher has bachelor’s degree in English from Metropolitan State University of Denver. After graduating from college he worked as a freelance journalist for The Morning Call reporting on local government affairs, community outreach programs and special events. His career at Denver Health started with the Rocky Mountain Poison Center and then transitioned to the Drug Center, where he provided team leadership, project coordination and co-worker training. He has also assisted business development by researching possible avenues of growth, contributed with proposal and presentation editing, and assisted with quality assurance through peer review of submitted reports.