The Springboard Series invites donors and community members to imagine what it would feel like to live in a city where all people, families, and neighborhoods experience widespread and vibrant health. This is Denver Health’s vision for our city, and this vision drives us to use every resource we have to improve the physical, social, and economic health of Denver. The Springboard Series explores this vision with a variety of dynamic concepts and topics geared toward understanding what we as a community can do to move Denver forward.

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January 2022 – Date & Time TBD

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November 2021 – The Business Impact of Public Health

Global business leader Kenneth Tuchman, Chairman and CEO of TTEC Holdings, joined Dr. Bill Burman, Executive Director of the Public Health Institute at Denver Health, and Dr. Robin D. Wittenstein, CEO of Denver Health, for a discussion of the ways COVID-19 and other public health issues impact business – locally, nationally, and globally.

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September 2021 – Using Philanthropy to Promote Lasting Health Solutions 

May 2021 – Advancing a Multi-Generational Approach to Child Well-Being

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March 2021 – Developing Equitable Career Pathways

January 2021 – Anchor Institutions in our City (audio recording only)

Additional resources:

PolicyLink: Strategies for Strengthening Anchor Institutions’ Community Impact

Upcoming Sessions: January 2022