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Ms. Patricia Dean
Ms. Kris Gaw
Mr. K.C. Veio and Mr. David Orlovsky

Dr. William Burman and Mrs. Kari Burman
Ms. Brooke Gordon and Mr. Tom Gordon
Mr. Joshua Hanfling
Mr. Michael D. Horton
Dr. Bruce Madison and Mrs. Susan Madison
Mr. William Mosher and Ms. Molly Broeren
Dr. Carol Okada
Mr. Lee Petrides
Mr. William Saslow
Mrs. Iris Smith and Mr. Michael Smith
Mr. Steven Walter and Mrs. Judy Walter

Anonymous (1)
Ms. Lisa Cohn
Dr. Seth Foldy
Ms. Linda Ford
Mr. Jerrold Glick and Ms. Shannon Gifford
Hollis Family Fund
Ms. Patti Klinge and Ms. Connie McArthur
Dr. Ryan Lawless
Dr. Thomas MacKenzie and Ms. Trang Le-MacKenzie
Mrs. Stephanie Thomas and Mr. John Gregory Thomas
Ms. Anne Warhover
Dr. Robin Wittenstein, Ed.D., FACHE and Mr. Mark Wittenstein

Anonymous (1)
Mr. Rob Borland
Ms. Peg Burnette
Dr. Mark Chandler and Mrs. Christy Chandler
Ms. Pat Cortez and Mr. Manuel Martinez
Dr. Steven Federico and Dr. Monica Federico
Mr. George M. Fosha and Mrs. Sally A. Fosha
Dr. Simon Hambidge and Dr. Elizabeth Bayliss
Mr. Rus Heise and Mrs. Linda Heise
Dr. Kent Heyborne and Ms. Theresa Heyborne, R.N.
Mr. Kenneth Ho and Ms. Tania Zeigler
Dr. Lucy Loomis and Mr. Tom Creighton
Mrs. Susan McIntire and Mr. Lee McIntire
Dr. Shelley Miyamoto and Dr. Vincent Ho
Ms. Christine Monfort
Mr. Josh Newell
Dr. Abraham Nussbaum and Dr. Elin Kondrad
Mrs. Heidi Penfold
Dr. John Reilly, Jr.
The Honorable Wellington Webb and The Honorable Wilma Webb
The Honorable Elbra Wedgeworth
Dr. Michael Wilson and Mrs. Anne Wilson

Dr. Denis Bensard and Mrs. Jerilyn Bensard
Dr. Kathy Boyle and Mr. Anthony Boyle
Dr. Mitchell Cohen
Mr. Logan Dailey
Mr. Lawrence DiPasquale and Mrs. Jill DiPasquale
Mr. Robert Eichelberger
Mr. Matthew Everhart and Mrs. Rachel Everhart
Ms. Barbara Grogan
Dr. Susan Ladley
Mr. Geoff Lord and Mrs. Marty Lord
Mr. Jim McCotter and Mrs. Carole McCotter
Mr. Pete Metropulos and Mrs. Mary Metropulos
Dr. Michael Mizenko
Ms. Joan Polancic
Ms. Susan Powers and Mr. Russell Wayman
Mr. Paul Schwiesow
Ms. Sarah Smith, R.N.
Ms. Jessica Stockmyer
Dr. Christian Thurstone and Mrs. Christine Tatum
Ms. Audrey Vincent, R.N.
Dr. Stephen Wolf and Dr. Chelsea Wolf

Anonymous (2)
Mr. Joseph Abell
Mr. Brian Abrams
Mr. Bruce Alexander and Mrs. Lisa Alexander
Dr. Grace Alfonsi and Dr. George Capaldo
Ms. Deborah Aragon
Ms. Jana Axline
Mr. John Baron and Mrs. Suzanne Baron
Mr. Will Berry and Mrs. Karen Berry
Mr. Robert Beum and Mrs. Elizabeth Beum
Mrs. Sheila Beurket
Dr. Michael Blei
Dr. Joshua Blum and Dr. Meg Lemon
Ms. Marie Boutillier
Mr. Wes Brown and Mrs. Linda Brown
Mrs. Karen Buelow
Ms. Paulette Bugbee, R.N.
Ms. Eileen Burley
Ms. Helen Burnside
Dr. JoAnn Congdon and Mr. John Congdon
Ms. Mary Czubakowski
Ms. Mary Dalton
Mrs. Cindy DeJongh
Mr. Peter Distad
Ms. Denise Dowis
Ms. Helen Drexler and Mr. Joseph Drexler
Mr. David Edwards and Mrs. Heather Edwards
Dr. Raymond Estacio and Dr. Robin Yasui
Dr. Vincent Eusterman
Dr. Henry Fischer
Ms. Michelle Fournier Johnson
Dr. Peter Fox and Mrs. Lynda Fox
Ms. Amy Friedman and Mr. Michael Friedman
Dr. Mark Glasgow
Mr. Chad Glauser
Mr. Dennis Grogan
Dr. Gregory Gutierrez
Dr. Brad Guyton
Mrs. Cindy Hall
Mr. Mario Harding and Mrs. Carrie Harding
Mr. Russell Haskell and Mrs. Susan Haskell
Dr. Romana Hasnain-Wynia
Ms. Michelle Henderson
Mr. A. Barry Hirschfeld and Mrs. Arlene Hirschfeld
Dr. Janetta Iwanicki

Mr. Stephen Kaeuper and Mrs. Wendy Kaeuper
Ms. Cheryl Karstaedt and Mr. Art Karstaedt
Ms. Jennifer Keel
Dr. Steven Kolpak and Dr. Stefanie Kolpak
Dr. Richard Krugman and Dr. Mary Krugman
Mr. Peter Kudla
Dr. Eric Lavonas and Dr. Krista Lavonas
Mr. Edward Lenkin and Mrs. Roselin Atzwanger
Mrs. Cheris Liedel
Dr. Elizabeth Lowdermilk and Mr. James Lowdermilk
Mr. Ian MacKenzie and Ms. Loretta Campbell
Ms. Melissa McDowell
Mr. Jerry McFarland
Mr. Ward McNeilly and Mrs. Eugenia McNeilly
Mr. David McReynolds
Ms. Tamara Miller, R.N.
Mr. Thomas Moore, C.R.N.A.
Mr. Joseph Moran
Ms. Ellen Mulhern, M.S.N. and Mr. Michael Mulhern
Mr. Edmund Murphy and Mrs. Jennifer Murphy
Ms. Shuwan Pan
Mr. Jeffrey Pelot and Mrs. Diane Pelot
Ms. Erin Phillips
Dr. Cason Pierce and Ms. Rachel Pierce
Mr. William Plummer and Mrs. Marilyn Plummer
Mr. Aaron Post
Dr. Connie Price and Mr. Steven Price
Ms. Ashley Prothe
Mr. Steven Rosdal
Dr. Jeanne Rozwadowski
Mr. Lee A. Rubin
Dr. Allison Sabel and Dr. Daniel Soteres
Ms. Jamie Sandbulte
Dr. Ellen Sarcone
Ms. Diane Schaefer
Mr. Kevin V. Seitz
Mrs. Kathleen Sgamma
Mr. Michael Staenberg
Ms. Diane States
Mr. Nathan Stephens
Ms. Sherry Stevens and Mr. Derrick Stevens
Dr. Jennifer Stichman and Mr. Brent Moore
Dr. Amy Storfa
Rev. Dirk van der Vorst and Mrs. Carolyn van der Vorst
Ms. Tina Van Winks
Mr. Sean VanBerschot and Mrs. Jennifer VanBerschot
Mr. Charles Walling and Mrs. Valerie Walling

Dr. Tammy Wang
Mr. Gilad Wilkenfeld
Mrs. Kimberly Wolff
Ms. Kathryn Works
Mrs. Carmella Ybarra
Mr. Nick York
Mr. John Zakhem

Anonymous (2)
Mr. Sharif Abdelhamid
Dr. Rebecca Allyn
Ms. Teri Anderson and Mr. Bill Duffy
Dr. Morris Askenazi and Mrs. Barbara Askenazi
Mr. Paul Baird
Dr. Robert Belknap and Ms. Kelly Moore
The Honorable Tom Bell and Mrs. Diana Wendel Bell
Dr. Bethany Benish
Ms. Lee Bentz
Ms. Diane Brannon
Ms. Lynne Briggs
Ms. Megan Broder
Ms. Marjorie Brown
Mr. Gary Bryskiewicz and Ms. Erin Bolz
Dr. Bruce Calonge and Mrs. Susan Calonge
Ms. Esmeralda Castro
Mr. Jim Chavez
Dr. Christopher Ciarallo and Ms. Claudia Van Dijk
Dr. Elizabeth Clarke
Mr. Erik Clarke and Mr. Garth Wall
Mr. Jordan Clothier
Ms. Emily Collins
Dr. Jennifer Cranny
Dr. Richard Dart and Dr. Katherine Hurlbut
Dr. Lisa Davis
Dr. Deidre Dietz
Ms. Loralee Dischner
Mr. Sean Dressel
Mr. Andy Duong
Ms. Gina Eisenach
Ms. Rebecca Ellis
Mr. Marc Fedo, R.N.
Ms. Ellen Feighny
Ms. Zita Fenner, R.N.
Dr. Michael Fleisher and Ms. Wendy Bamberg
Dr. Ana Flores

Mr. Andrew Forino
Mr. Randall Frietzsche
Dr. Patricia Gabow and Dr. Harold Gabow
Mrs. Jean Galloway
Ms. Debra Gardner
Ms. Kristine Gaw
Dr. Dennis Gibson
Dr. Nicholas Gilman and Mrs. Carrie Gilman
Dr. David Ginosar
Mr. David Glick
Ms. Jama Goers, R.N.
Ms. Hollie Gonzalez
Ms. Irma Leticia Gonzalez-Ibarra
Mr. Miles Graham
Ms. Siobhan Graves, N.P.
Mr. Jeff Greenwald
Dr. Sasha Gubser
Mr. Donald Hagengruber and Mrs. Antoinette Macaluso
Mr. Justin Halverson and Mrs. Erin Halverson
Ms. Chelsey Hanafin
Mrs. Delia Harr and Mr. Bill Harr
Mr. Kevin Hatch
Dr. Gretchen Heinrichs
Mr. Kyle Herren
Ms. Laura Hoganson
Mr. William Horner
Mr. Benjamin Hummel
Mr. Thomas Huthoefer
Mr. Mark Iannucci
Dr. Kyros Ipaktchi and Mrs. Jasmin Ipaktchi Saiy
Mr. R. James
Mr. Joe Jaudon and Mrs. Tami Jaudon
Ms. Sharon Jeffers
Dr. Timothy Jenkins
Ms. Mary Johnson, R.N.
Dr. Nicole Joseph
Dr. Joseph Keach
Dr. Robert Keeley and Ms. Margaret Driscoll
Ms. Patricia Keller, R.N.
Mr. Spencer Keller
Ms. Lezlie Kephart
Mr. Jay Kessler
Dr. Donald Kirkpatrick
Mr. Milan Klanjsek and Mrs. Oza Klanjsek
Mr. Gary Kleiman
Mrs. Teri Kotalik
Mr. Nick Krosky and Mrs. Lisa Krosky

Dr. Elizabeth Kvach
Mr. Jinnam Kwon
Dr. Sharon Langendoerfer and Mr. Curt Boell
Ms. Wendy Lawrence, R.N.
Ms. Kathleen Lester, R.N.
Mr. James Levay
Dr. Joseph Longo and Mrs. Michele Longo
Ms. Martha Longway
Dr. Robert Mack and Mrs. Patricia Mack
Mr. Mel Mallin
Dr. Cyril Mauffrey and Mrs. Marzia Mauffrey
Mr. Thomas McTavish
Dr. Kevin McVaney and Mrs. Colleen McVaney
Dr. Philip Miller
Ms. Whitney Miller, N.P.
Mrs. Amy Moore
Ms. Susan Mostow
Dr. Johanna Nardi-Korver
Ms. Katherine Ogle
Dr. Sonja O'Leary and Mr. Sean O'Leary
Mr. Todd Olson
Ms. Beth Owens
Ms. Tiana Pacheco
Ms. Sherrie Peckham
Dr. Todd Porter
Ms. Crystal Potter Rivera and Mr. Joseph Rivera
Ms. Jennifer Powers-Johnson
Ms. Audrey Purdue
Dr. Sasha Rai
Mr. Kenneth Reed
Mrs. Gayle Regan
Ms. Ami Riggert and Mr. Justin Riggert
Ms. Anita Roberts, R.N.
Dr. Kristine Rodrigues
Mr. Jack Rozwadowski and Mrs. Albertine Rozwadowski
Ms. Rosemarie Russell
Dr. Matthew Rustici and Dr. Kathleen Rustici
Mr. Eric Ryland
Ms. Therese Saracino
Ms. Lori Sauve
Dr. Christine Savoie
Mr. Daniel Scherer and Mrs. Sally Scherer
Dr. Darcy Selenke
Mrs. Kristie Sheets and Mr. Benjamin Sheets
Dr. Roberto Silva
Ms. Briana Simpkins, R.N.
Mr. John Simpson and Mrs. Bethany Simpson

Dr. Scott Simpson
Dr. William Somerset
Mr. David Spiciarich
Ms. Yolanda Spotted Horse
Dr. Thomas Staff
Ms. Lynn Steinbach
Ms. Tara Thomas-Gale and Mr. John Gale
Ms. Patricia Tillapaugh, R.N.
Ms. Renee Verspoor
Ms. Cheryl Wakeman, C.N.M.
Ms. Natasha Walker, R.N.
Ms. Brionn Weddington, L.P.N.
Mr. Erick Wellnitz
Ms. Amy Witte, N.P.
Dr. Kathryn Witzeman
Dr. Janine Young
Mr. David Zarlengo

Anonymous (1)
Mr. Bjorn Aberg
Mr. Anthony Abeyta, Jr.
Dr. David Abts
Mrs. Patricia Adams
Dr. Irene Aguilar and Dr. Thomas Bost
Dr. Laura Albert
Ms. Jennifer Alderman
Dr. Katherine Anderson and Mr. John Tanner
Ms. Susan Anderson
Mr. Matthew Archer
Ms. Kathleen Aronow
Ms. Arely Arroyo-Beltran
Ms. Jennifer Assmann, R.N.
Ms. Jaharri Asten
Ms. Kate Baldree, R.N.
Ms. Lisa Bao
Mr. Timothy Barnes Jr.
Mr. Brent Barnes
Ms. Eloisa Barragan
Mr. Nathan Barrett
Ms. Elia Barron
Ms. Adrianne Bauer
Ms. Peggy Bender
Dr. Frank Bennett and Mrs. Carla Bennett
Mr. David Benson, C.R.N.A.
Mr. Gabriel Betts

Mr. Brent Biggs
Dr. Maria Bise
Ms. Becky Bloedow, P.A.
Mr. James Booth
Dr. Richard Bortz
Mrs. Mary Bowes
Dr. Ann Boyer
Ms. April Brady, R.N.
Dr. Patricia Braun and Dr. Christopher Schneck
Ms. Heather Brazil
Ms. Jessica Breese, C.N.M.
Ms. Marsha Breit
Mr. Mark Brentz
Dr. Carrie Brown
Mr. Jesse Brown, R.N.
Dr. Niccole Brownfield
Mr. Michael Brunnquell
Dr. Jessica Bull
Mr. Nathan Bunge
Mr. John Burgeson
Ms. Mary M. Burman
Ms. Nicole Burnet, R.N.
Ms. Perla Butanda
Ms. Joanna Cadena
Mr. Cassandra Caine
Ms. Kamie Campbell
Ms. Patricia Caraway
Ms. Jill Carroll
Mr. Wade Carroll
Mrs. Kathryn Casey and Mr. Paul Casey
Mr. Richard Castro
Mr. Benjamin Chenard
Ms. Katherine Chichester, R.N.
Ms. Lisa Chirico
Ms. Jill Chisolm
Dr. Sarah Christensen
Mr. Kyle Clark
Ms. Heather Collins
Thaotram Cong
Mr. Charles Cook and Ms. Annie Lynch
Dr. Kurt Cook and Mrs. Susan Cook
Dr. Susan Creighton
Mrs. Michelle Cupps, R.N. and Mr. Randall Cupps
Dr. Ashley Curry
Ms. Miranda Cvitkovich, C.N.M. and Mr. Joshua Cvitkovich
Mr. Eric Dailey
Ms. Laura Danso

Dr. Rocio De La Torre
Mr. Thomas De Miniac
Mr. Alexander Delgado
Ms. Cori Depue
Mr. Bucky Dilts
Ms. Julie Dobberstein
Ms. Pamela Doyle
Mr. Tony Dyson
Ms. Emilia Ealom
Mr. Wade Ebersole
Mrs. Heather Edwards
Ms. Vanessa Escobedo
Mr. John Fahrendorf and Mrs. Nancy Fahrendorf
Ms. Samantha Fallon
Ms. Gretchen Faughnan, C.R.N.A.
Dr. Karen Fedde
Dr. Benjamin Feijoo
Ms. Dawn Ficalora Gaskill
Ms. Janene Fiest
Ms. Pamela Fisher
Ms. Courtney Foy-Baldwin
Dr. Anne Frank
Dr. Maria Gabriela Frank
Dr. Michael Frank
Ms. Selena Frederick
Ms. Zelda Friednash
Mr. Anthony Gandara
Mrs. Cecilia Garcia
Mr. Jeremy Garcia
Ms. Samantha Garcia
Ms. Sarah Gardiner
Dr. Edward Gardner
Ms. Ann Garner
Ms. Ruby Gaucin
Mrs. Lisa Gawenus
Ms. Mary Getz
Dr. Mark Getzoff
Ms. Elizabeth Gillespie
Ms. Lori Gonzales
Ms. Veronica Gordillo
Mr. Jeff Gordley
Ms. Patricia Griego
Ms. Diane Grierson
Ms. Jennifer Grote
Mr. Bruce Guernsey
Mr. Mark Haas
Mr. Harold Hagan and Mrs. Alice Hagan

Mr. Marques Haley
Ms. Sarah Haley
Mr. Chris Haller
Ms. Neave Halvorson
Mrs. Lindsey Hamlin
Ms. Tricia Hamm
Dr. Christine Haynes
Ms. Karen Haynes, R.N.
Ms. Jessie Hazen, L.C.S.W.
Ms. Chelsea Helmkamp
Mr. Kurt Henke
Mr. Jeff Hinrichs and Mrs. Linda Hinrichs
Ms. Laura Hix, P.A.
Dr. Shea Hogan
Ms. Nancy Holtzmaster
Mr. Scott Horton
Mrs. Stacy Householder
Miss Krista Hovde, R.N.
Ms. Erin Howard
Mr. Scott Hoye and Ms. Michelle Hannigan
Ms. Vanessa Hoyos, C.N.M.
Ms. Jennifer Hudson, R.N.
Ms. Marcia Hughes
Ms. Gabriela Huizar Pacheco
Ms. Rebecca Hurst, R.N.
Dr. Kimberly Indovina
Ms. Brittany Irwin
Mr. Matthew Iseman
Dr. Kshama Jaiswal
Mr. Patrick Jobin
Ms. Paisley Johnson, N.P. and Mr. Darin Pitts
Ms. Candice Jones
Mr. Michael Jones
Mr. Joseph Juarez
Mr. Patrick Justus
Dr. James Kaferly III
Mr. Fred Kampe
Ms. Lynn Kanan, R.N.
Ms. Lori Kaufman, P.A.
Ms. Lisa Kerby
Mr. Amanuel Kifle
Ms. Pamela Kimball
Ms. Yvette Kimball
Dr. Meghann Kirk
Ms. Julianna Kluemper
Ms. Judith Kralewski, N.P.
Dr. Claudia Kunrath

Mr. Robert La Baugh
Mrs. Cherri La Marr
Ms. Shauna Laird
Ms. Irina Larson, R.N.
Ms. Christine Lassiter
Dr. Ryan Laterza
Mr. Stewart Layhe
Ms. Paige LeBlanc, P.A.
Mr. Christopher Lee
Mr. Jeremy Lee
Mr. Chris Leggee
Ms. Michelle Levine, PA-C
Ms. Carol Lewis and Ms. Karen Jones
Dr. Daniel Liebowitz
Mr. Johann Liljengren and Mrs. Georgia Liljengren
Ms. Troye Lindsley
Ms. Robin List, L.C.S.W.
Mrs. Jennifer Lizar
Mrs. Marilyn Loesberg
Mr. Michael Lopez
Dr. Kathryn Love-Osborne
Mr. Amador Lucero
Ms. Barrett Lucero
Ms. Brittany Lyon
Ms. Lydia Madrid Stiles, L.C.S.W.
Dr. Stephanie Malliaris and Mr. Benjamin Stapleton IV
Ms. Areli Mancilla
Dr. Michelle Mang
Dr. Scott Mann
Ms. Natasha Markovchick
Ms. Wanda Marshall, N.P.
Ms. Arras Anne Martin
Ms. Crotisha Martin
Ms. Jessica Martinez Robles
Ms. San J Martinez Robles
Ms. Sherrie Martinez
Ms. Chelsea Mayton
Ms. Karin McBride
Mr. Greg McCarthy
Mrs. Danielle McKelvy and Mr. Shawn McKelvy
Mr. Bradford Membel, Jr.
Ms. Laura Metier
Ms. Amy Miller
Ms. Thao Minn
Mr. Kurt Montas
Ms. Laura Monthathong, N.P. and Mr. Rop Monthathong
Ms. Tonie Moore, R.N.

Dr. Jaime Moo-Young
Ms. Shawna Moreno
Ms. Marlis Morse, R.N.
Mr. Tafadzwa Obert Muchineripi
Ms. Nya Muhammad
Ms. Srijana Mukhiya
Ms. Diana Munoz
Mrs. Robyn Nagy and Mr. David Nagy
Ms. Lauren Napheys, C.P.A.
Mr. James Naumiec, R.N.
Mr. David Naus
Dr. Anna Neumeier
Ms. Lynn Nguyen
Dr. Yosuke Nomura
Dr. Katherine Ochoa
Dr. Sonia Okuyama Sasaki
Ms. Cynthia Oldenettel
Mr. Jacob Olson
Ms. Shannon Ortell, R.N.
Dr. Ricardo Padilla
Ms. Cheryl Palsic
Ms. Amanda Penick and Mr. Clifford Penick
Dr. Rocio Pereira
Ms. Jessica Pfitzer
Ms. Stephanie Phibbs
Mr. Jerry Pickart
Mr. Michael Pippins
Mr. Kurt Pletcher
Ms. Kim Powell, N.P.
Ms. Mara Prandi-Abrams
Mrs. Brenda Quatrochi, C.N.M. and Mr. David Quatrochi
Ms. Christine Quayle
Mr. George Quinby and Mrs. Debra Quinby
Ms. Cynthia Quinlan, R.N.
Ms. Amy Quinones, N.P.
Ms. Adriana Radinovic
Dr. Michael Raizen and Ms. Gail DeVore
Mr. Rasulo Rasulo
Ms. Barbara Redmond
Dr. Mark Reid
Dr. Yingying Rezmovits
Mr. Douglas Richardson
Ms. Georgia Rising
Ms. Theresa Ritter
Ms. Jenny Rivera
Ms. Tanya Rivera
Ms. Cassie Rivera-Arzuaga

Dr. Sarah Roark
Dr. Genie Roosevelt
Ms. Kathryn Root
Dr. Kathryn Rough
Dr. Sarah Rowan
Ms. Katie Rudofsky, R.N.
Dr. Michael Russum
Ms. Serena Sadler
Ms. Shereen Sairafi and Mr. Patrick Joynt
Mr. Matthew Sajban
Dr. Elaine Sandler
Mr. Matthew Sandoval
Dr. Eric Schmidt and Mrs. Cristina Schmidt
Ms. Phebe Searcey, R.N.
Dr. Thresia Sebastian
Ms. Eileen Shaw
Dr. John Sheldon
Ms. Lisa Simpson
Mrs. DeShawn Sirbin and Mr. Christopher Sirbin
Mrs. Anna Slattery
Ms. Leticia Smith
Ms. Susan Somerset
Ms. Rosaura Soto, R.N.
Mr. Jeremy Springston
Ms. Patricia Spurrier, R.N.
Ms. Jill Stanley-Alcock
Dr. Brian Stauffer
Ms. Sharon Steadman
Ms. Amy Steele, R.N.
Ms. Cheryl Stephenson
Ms. Rebecca Stevens
Ms. Chrisenta Stewart
Mrs. Mary Anne Stigall and Mr. Ted Stigall
Ms. Annie Stookesberry
Mr. Ian Stuut
Ms. Kimberly Sylvester, N.P.
Mr. Timothy Tafoya
Ms. Linda Teves
Ms. Amanda Thompson and Mr. Mike Thompson
Ms. Amaranda Thomson, R.N.
Dr. Scott Tomsick
Ms. Jesusita Torres
Ms. Kelly Torres, R.N.
Ms. Stephanie Tran, R.N.
Mr. Rafael Troche
Ms. Mercedes Urioste
Ms. Susan Van Dyk, R.N.

Ms. Raquel Vazquez De Lopez
Mr. Luis Verduzco
Mr. Lucas Verstegen
Mrs. Maria Villanueva
Dr. Mary Vostrejs and Mr. Joe Vostrejs
Ms. June Wagner
Mrs. Pat Walters
Ms. Lisa Wanger, P.A.
Mr. Harold Weeks III
Ms. Gail Weide-Krutsch, R.N.
Ms. Lissa Welsh
Ms. Jennifer White
Ms. Madeline White
Mr. William White
Dr. Dawn Whiting
Ms. Tamara Wilde
Mr. Brian Wilkinson
Mr. Ryan Williams
Ms. Jennifer Willis
Mr. Robert Wilson
Ms. Brooke Wobeter
Ms. Elizabeth Wright
Ms. Christine Wydra
Ms. Barbara Yondorf and Mr. Doug Mitchell
Dr. Heather Young
Ms. Ronda Young
Mr. David Zachritz
Mr. Mark Zaitz and Mrs. Carol Zaitz

Anonymous (4)
Mr. Badri Abdi
Kyler Abeyta
Ms. Rachel Acosta and Mr. Jason Reid
Ms. Raquel Adames
Dr. Jennifer Adams and Mr. Zachary Strober
Mr. Eubulus Adu-Gyamfi
Ms. Melisa Aguayo Gutierrez
Mr. Jeff Ainscough
Ms. Maggie Alcorn
Ms. Linda Almanza
Assam Alsabih
Ms. Iilene Altman
Ms. Stacey Altman, R.N.
Ms. Janet Alvarado Duran
Mr. Oscar Alvarez Contreras

Ms. Eliana Alvarez
Mr. Leighton Anderson
Ms. Mei Ling Anderson
Ms. Sheri Anderson
Mrs. Tana Anderson
Ms. Hanna Andress
Ms. Dawn Anna and Mr. Bruce Beck
Ms. Solida Antwiler and Mr. G. Delbert Antwiler
Dr. Alicia Appel
Mr. Ndah Appia, C.N.A.
Angeles Arayo
Ms. Barb Archer
Ms. Julia Arellano
Mr. Manuel Arevalo
Ms. Heather Arnold
Ms. Lisa Artale Bross
Mr. Solomon Asress
Dr. Stephanie Augustine
Ms. Maria Avila
Sgt. Raul Avilez
Dr. Lindsey Ayers and Mr. Joshua Ayers
Ms. Lisa Babbitt
Mr. Gary Babcock
Mr. Bret Baca
Mr. Dylan Badolato
Ms. Sandra Baena
Mrs. Cindy Balay
Ms. Tina Balerio
Ms. Sandra Baltazar
Ms. Jaeden Barlow, R.N.
Dr. Whitney Barrett
Ms. Marilyn Barrios
Ms. Barbara Barrow
Ms. Elizabeth Barton
Ms. Donielle Bascio
Ms. Ivy Basquez
Mr. Michael Bates and Mrs. Pamela Bates
Ms. Kaley Batley
Mr. James Batten
Dr. Roberta Beach
Dr. Melissa Beagle
Ms. Lindsay Beaudry
Ms. Carla Becerril
Miss Allison Beggs
Ms. Franki Behnke, N.P.
Ms. Alicia Bell
Ms. Sarah Belstock

Ms. Mary Benkert
Ms. Anna Benninghoff
Ms. Janell Benson
Ms. Rachel Benson
Fatmata Berety
Dr. Kathryn Berman
Ms. Rose Bernal Barrera
Mr. Jeffrey Bernstein
Ms. James Bisant
Ms. Mistie Bjork
Mr. Timothy Black, R.N.
Ms. Kimberly Blackwell
Ms. Donna Blatt
Ms. Elizabeth Blea
Ms. Crystina Blessing, R.N.
Mr. Jonathan Block
Mr. Arthur Bodin
Ms. Sarah Bogan
Ms. Kathleen Bohland
Ms. Adrian Boka
Mrs. Sharleen Bollig and Mr. Mark Bollig
Ms. Christina Borden
Ms. Jennifer Botello
Ms. Cortyna Boyer-Rogers
Dr. Dennis Boyle
Ms. Tamara Bradley
Ms. Paula Brahimi
Ms. Alisa Brankin
Ms. Amanda Breeden
Ms. Isabel Breit
Ms. Katherine Breit
Dr. Nicholas Breitnauer
Ms. Kristin Breslin
The Honorable Barry Breslow
Ms. Rebecca Brevik-Maurer
Dr. Ellen Brodrick
Mr. Alex Brown
Ms. Juana Brown
Mr. Timothy Brown
Ms. Raquel Bruce
Mr. Chris Bryant
Ms. Emily Buckley, R.N.
Ms. Winnifred Budden
Mrs. Elizabeth Burelle, C.N.M. and Mr. Brandon Burelle
Ms. Janna Burger
Dr. Clay Burlew and Mr. Jon Burlew
Dr. Don Burnes and Mrs. Lynn Burnes

Mr. Randy Burnham
Ms. Barbara Burrowes, P.A.
Dr. Eleanor Burton
Ms. Emily Butts
Ms. Yesenia Cabral
Ms. Elizabeth Campion
Ms. Maria Cano Silva
Ms. Louisa Cardenas
Ms. Sonia Cardoza
Ms. Zenyace Carrillo
Mrs. Lacey Carroll
Ms. Melissa Carter
Ms. Maria Casachagua
Ms. May Casias Martinez
Ms. Cheryl Cassaly
Ms. Alma Castanon Gonzalez
Ms. Beyra Castanon-Miranda
Mr. David Castillo
Ms. Dennise Castillo
Mr. Hector Castillo
Mr. Steven Castner
Ms. Andrea Castro Love
Ms. Carolina Castro
Ms. Barbara Caulfield
Ms. Helena Caya
Ms. Riean Cazenave
Ms. Leslie Cespedes
Ms. Kaylynn Chadwick
Ms. Elizabeth Chavarria
Ms. Andrea Chavez
Ms. Paula Chavez, R.N.
Ms. Brenda Chavira
Ms. Carri Cherney
Ms. Jana Cheshek, R.N.
Mr. Birt Chism
Ms. Kathryn Christensen
Ms. Gina Ciccone
Ms. Belinda Cisneros Gonzalez
Ms. Jennifer Cisneros
Ms. Amber Cizmic
Ms. Anne Clark
Ms. Ashley Clark
Ms. Carla Clark, R.N.
Mr. Charles Clark
Ms. Christine Clark
Ms. Carlyn Cloud
Mrs. Courtney Coffin

Ms. Joan Cohen
Mr. Daniel Cole
Ms. Mary Coleman
Mrs. Susan Coleman
Mr. Jeremy Cooke
Dr. Emily Corcoran
Ms. Georgina Cordero
Ms. Courtnay Cordova
Mr. Rosalio Cordova
Mr. Aaron Corral
Ms. Abigail Corral
Ms. Jennifer Cortez
Ms. Erin Crane
Ms. Latoya Crockett
Ms. Jacqueline Cross
Ms. Caroline Croyle
Mr. William Cudmore
Dr. Joanne Curry
Dr. John Curtin
Mr. Dan Curtis
Ms. Linda Daley
Ms. Merle Daniels
Ms. Kathy Day
Ms. Kathy DeHerrera
Mr. Bill Dehn
Ms. Rosita Delgado Salazar
Ms. Oralia Delgado-Reyes
Ms. Caryn Demaree and Mr. Dartt Demaree
Mr. Oliver Deshler, C.R.N.A.
Ms. Rose DeSoto
Mr. Brandon Dey
Mr. Carlos Diaz
Mr. Darrell Diggs and Mrs. Kim Diggs
Ms. Marites Dilag, R.N.
Ms. Laura Doanes
Ms. Kathy Dobos
Mr. Neil Dobson, P.A.
Ms. Felicia Doherty, P.A.
Ms. Christine Donohoe, R.N.
Ms. Allison Donovan
Mr. James Dorrough
Ms. Mafalda Dos Santos
Ms. Emily Dosco
Ms. Catherine Downes
Ms. Maureen Doyle, R.N.
Ms. Amanda Duerst Ingram
Ms. Cynthia Duff

Dr. Audrey Dumas
Ms. Constance Dunbar
Dr. Thomas Dunn and Mrs. Katy Dunn
Ms. Trina Duran
Ms. Alicia Economos
Ms. Courtney Eggers, B.S.N. and Mr. Paul Eggers
Ms. Heather Ehlers
Ms. Julia Elisha
Mrs. Christine Elliker
Ms. Rene Elliott
Dr. Andrea Ellis
Col. Vernon Ellis
Ms. Stephanie Elliston
Ms. Erin Ellquist
Ms. Leah Emerick
Ms. Amanda Engdahl, C.N.A.
Dr. Anna Engeln
Ms. Marjorie England
Ms. Jennifer Engle
Ms. Endy Enriquez-Holguin
Ms. Christine Entman
Ms. Heather Escudero, R.N.
Ms. Asucena Esquivel
Mr. James Esten
Ms. Dawn Estores, R.N.
Mr. Guillermo Estrada
Ms. Jenna Euler
Ms. Patty Fadhouli
Ms. Susan Fallander
Mr. Anthony Falletta
Mr. Kevin Farley and Mrs. Wendy Farley
Ms. Karen Farmer, R.N.
Ms. Maren Fassino
Ms. Sarah Feeherty
Mr. Brett Ferkenhoff and Mrs. Jennifer Ferkenhoff
Ms. Claudia Fernandez Hernandez
Mr. Brayan Fernandez
Ms. Amy Fielding, R.N.
Ms. Elizabeth Fingado
Mr. Richard Finn
Ms. Rachael Fischer
Ms. Maegen Fisher
Mrs. Maureen Flander and Mr. Gary Flander
Ms. Lonnie Fleharty, R.N.
Ms. Jennifer Flores, P.A.
Ms. Melissa Flores, R.N.
Mr. Kellen Flynn

Shannon Fohrd
Ms. Jessica Forsyth
Mr. John Fournier
Dr. Charles Fox
Ms. Yolanda Franklin
Mr. Jacob Fray
Ms. Brandi Fresquez
Ms. Tsion Frisa
Ms. Jenifer Fritsch
Mr. Logan Fuller
Ms. Julie Fulton
Ms. Marilyn Gaipa
Ms. Donna Gallegos
Ms. Irene Gallegos
Ms. Teffa Gallegos
Mr. Lyle Gallivan and Mrs. Mary Gallivan
Ms. Cindy Garcia Montes
Ms. Marisol Garcia Ramirez
Ms. Claudia Garcia
Ms. Nadia Garcia
Ms. Patricia Garcia
Mr. Tanner Gardiner
Ms. Rebecca Gartman, P.A.
Mr. Alan Gass and Mrs. Sally Gass
Mr. Barry Gates
Ms. Evelina Gausaite
Ms. Gennet Gemeda
Ms. Deborah George
Ms. Kelly Gettman, R.N.
Ms. Kate Giacomini
Ms. Christina Gibson, R.N.
Ms. Sara Giddins
Mrs. Erin Gilchrist
Mr. Dallen Gillett
Ms. Jordan Glover
Mr. Seton Goddard
Ms. Tracy Goering
Dr. Stephanie Gold
Ms. Jodie Gonzales
Ms. Brissa Gonzalez Alvarez
Ms. Brenda Gonzalez
Ms. Eve Gordon
Mr. Scott Gordon
Ms. Rachael Goucher, R.N.
Mr. Thomas Gougeon and Mrs. Donna Middlebrooks
Ms. Lorena Granados
Ms. Desiree Grandpre

Mr. Russell Grant III
Ms. Carolyn Green
Ms. Nancy Green
Ms. Mitzi Greer
Ms. Karyn Gregory, R.N.
Ms. Catherine Grice
Ms. Ruth Grindeland
Mr. Damon Gross and Mrs. Michelle Gross
Ms. Jill Groulx, R.N.
Mrs. Gina Grove
Mr. David Grundy
Mrs. Xiaona Guan
Ms. DeVon Guerrero
Mr. Marcos Guevara
Mr. Matt Gugel
Ms. Silvia Guillen
Ms. Marie Gurrola
Mr. Tyson Gutherless
Mr. Manuel Gutierrez
Dr. Rachel Gutmann
Mr. Diego Guzman
Ms. Michelle Haarhues
Ms. Anne Hageman
Ms. Angela Hagen, R.N.
Ms. Margaret Hale
Ms. Janet Hall and Ms. Nicole Luce
Mr. Richard Hammel, R.N.
Ms. Anne Hammer
Mr. Randall Hampton and Ms. Mary Ann Hampton
Mrs. Catherine Hansen and Mr. Bob Hansen
Ms. Jennifer Harenberg, C.R.N.A. and George Harenberg
Ms. Maris Harmon
Ms. Sara Harper
Mr. James Harrington
Mr. John Harrington and Mrs. Kathryn Harrington
Mr. Erik Harris
Ms. Hillary Harris
Ms. Lisa Hartman
Ms. Vicki Haseman, R.N.
Mr. Ethan Hawkins
Dr. Kellie Hawkins
Ms. Kimberly Hawley
Ms. Nina Healy
Ms. Linda Henderson
Mr. Matthew Henderson
Ms. Joan Henneberry, M.S.
Ms. Maria Hernandez

Ms. Maricela Hernandez
Mr. Tony Hernandez and Mrs. Virginia Sanchez
Ms. Sheila Herrera
Ms. Amelia Herrera-Salazar
Mr. Robert Hibit
Ms. Jenni Hicks and Mr. Justin Hicks
Mr. Paul Hill, R.N.
Dr. Sara Hills
Ms. Beth Hjelle
Ms. Aimee Hjerpe
Mrs. Kara Hlavnicka
Ms. Elaina Hockaday
Dr. Brian Hogan and Mrs. Lori Hogan
Ms. Shelly Holland
Mr. Rowan Hollinshead
Ms. Ciara Holt
Ms. Colleen Homack
Ms. Karen Hombs
Mr. David Hooper
Ms. Caitlin Hopkins, C.N.A.
Ms. Karen Hormachea
Mrs. Nancy Howell
Dr. Harriet Huang
Ms. Stacey Hubbell
Ms. Kimberly Hudson
Ms. Debra Hughes
Mr. Warren Hughes
Ms. Claudia Huizar, R.N.
Ms. Jina Huizar
Mr. Steve Hulac
Ms. Candace Hullermann
Mr. Brian Hultgren
Ms. Suzanne Hunt-Frazier, R.N.
Ms. Katherine Hyzy
Ms. Ariana Ibarbol
Ms. Saletha Isaacson
Mr. Stephen Isaacson
Ms. Mary Ann Isales, R.N.
Dr. Jessica Jack
Mrs. Shelley Jackson Worstell
Ms. Susan Jackson, R.N.
Ms. Saharai Jacquez
Ms. Amelia Jaffe, R.N.
Ms. Bethany James
Ms. Heather Jenson
Mr. Paul Jenson
Ms. Christina Jeske, R.N.

Ms. Elizabeth Jimenez
Ms. Alaina Johnson
Ms. Mary Johnson, R.N.
Ms. Shera Johnson
Ms. Jessica Johnson-Simmons
Mrs. Patti Johnston
Ms. Carol Jones
Ms. Justina Jones
Ms. Kathleen Jones
Ms. Lisa Jones
Dr. M. Douglas Jones, Jr. and Dr. Ann Jones
Ms. Rhianna Jones
Mr. Josue Joseph
Ms. Alexis Juarez
Ms. Deborah Jueneman
Mr. Zachary Kahn, P.A.
Ms. Bridget Kalell
Mr. Matthew Kales
Ms. April Kalish
Ms. Mary Kane
Ms. Irma Karahasanovic
Ms. Kenisha Karlsson, R.N.
Mr. Kevin Kaucher
Ms. Taylor Keating
Dr. Brian Keech
Ms. Bonnie Keefe
Mr. Stanley Keil
Ms. Destiny Kelley
Ms. Carmel Kelly, L.C.S.W.
Ms. Emily Kelly
Mr. Aaron Keniston
Dr. Gregory Kennedy
Ms. Shayna Kennedy
Ms. Stephanie Kennedy
Ms. Emery Kessler
Ms. Rachel Kilgallen
Ms. Min Kim
Ms. Lorraine Kindsvater
Mr. Joshua King
Mrs. Beth Kingsley
Mr. Thomas Kirwin
Ms. Amanda Klahr, R.N.
Ms. Collett Klein
Ms. Jessica Klickna
Ms. Monica Knapp, R.N.
Ms. Desja Kniss
Mrs. Alicia Knowlton

Ms. Jennifer Knuth
Ms. Susan Ko
Dr. Amber Koch-Laking and Mr. Jeremy Gerlach
Ms. Natali Koen
Ms. Angelina Kogovsek
Dr. Daniel Kortsch
Mr. John Kozlevchar, P.A.
Ms. Emily Kritzler
Dr. Cynthia Kuehn
Ms. Nancy Kuhn
Ms. Kari Kuka
Dr. Vishnu Kulasekaran
Ms. Carrie Kunin
Ms. Melissa Kunz, R.N.
Mr. Christopher Kurz, R.N.
Ms. Jane Lafave
Mrs. Dolly Lager and Mr. Bertil Lager
Ms. Preety Lal
Ms. Marguerite Lands
Mr. Jon Lawritson and Mrs. Laura Lawritson
Ms. Vicky Le
Mrs. Jamie Leach
Ms. Brittany Lee
Ms. Danette Lee, C.N.M.
Ms. Valencia LeFrere
Dr. Charity Lehn
Ms. Gail Leidigh
Mrs. Ashley Leonard
Mr. Agustin Leone
Ms. Haddas Lev
Dr. Ellen Lewis
Mr. Mark Lieberman
Ms. Michelle Liles
Mr. Alexander Limas
Ms. Andrea Loera
Dr. Anna Loney
Mr. Alex Lopez
Ms. Karina Lopez
Ms. Haley Loram, R.N.
Ms. Sheila Lorentzen, C.N.M.
Mr. Figaro Loresto Jr.
Mr. Yingbo Lou
Ms. Juanita Lovato
Mrs. Joyce Lozow and Mr. Gary Lozow
Ms. Angelina Lozoya
Ms. Amber Lucero
Ms. Sarah Lucero

Ms. Maria Luevanos Miranda
Mr. Iain Lumsden
Ms. Kary Lundy
Mr. Michael Lupo
Mrs. Toni Lyles
Ms. Kimberly MacDonald, C.N.A.
Mr. Ed Mack and Mrs. Linda Mack
Mr. Ryan MacPherson
Ms. Gaye Maddock
Ms. Elizabeth Madrid, P.A.
Ms. Celeste Maes
Ms. Maria Magallanes
Ms. Susan Mahoro, R.N.
Ms. Supattra Makararoongroj
Ms. Julie Makatura, R.N.
Ms. Meghan Malecki, R.N.
Ms. Kathryn Malik
Ms. Mary Maltby, R.N.
Mr. Gary Manley
Mr. Dmitriy Marchenko
Ms. Diana Mares
Ms. Stacey Marquess
Mr. Nicolas Marquez Guevara
Mr. Barry Martin and Ms. Margaret Sobocinski
Capt. Robert Martin
Mr. Julio Martinez Coronado
Ms. Christine Martinez, R.N.
Ms. Monique Martinez
Dr. Alvaro Martinez-Camacho
Ms. Elena Martin-Ginnold, R.N.
Mr. Sean Maskell
Ms. Corrie Masoni
Mr. Christopher Mast
Ms. Jennifer Mathies
Ms. Elizabeth Matthews
Ms. Patricia Matthews
Mrs. LaDonna Mauro, R.N.
Mr. Chuck Maybee
Mr. James McCall
Mr. Keith McCallion
Mr. Daniel McCarthy
Ms. Margaret McClean
Ms. Aja McClellan
Ms. Brigitte McClellan
Ms. Jennifer McCoy, N.P.
Ms. Anna McCullough
Ms. Mary McElvain, R.N.

Ms. Mary Ann McEntee
Dr. Catherine McIlhany
Ms. Lara McKenna
Mrs. Amy Meadows
Ms. Sarah Meadows
Ms. Kelly Medero, R.N. and Mr. Eddie Medero
Ms. Kateri Medina, R.N.
Ms. Sue Medina
Ms. Ursula Medrano
Ms. Rikki Meehan
Ms. Tara Meehan
Mrs. Natalee Mejia
Mrs. Alexandra Melberg
Ms. Tara Melinkovich
Mr. Christopher Roy Mena
Ms. Claudia Mendez
Ms. Victoria Mendez
Ms. Lorena Mendoza
Ms. Maria Mendoza
Ms. Primavera Mendoza
Ms. Kristin Menzie
Ms. Veronica Mercado
Mr. Cesare Merriman
Mr. Kyle Metcalfe
Ms. Martha Meyer
Dr. Patricia Meyer
Ms. Laura Meza Esparza
Ms. Areli Meza Flores
Ms. Theresa Mickiewicz
Ms. Maureen Mikan
Mr. Mark Milardo
Ms. Casey Miller
Dr. Howard Miller and Mrs. Amy Toltz Miller
Ms. Lara Miller
Ms. Robin Mills, N.P.
Mr. Manuel Molina Peinado
Dr. Samantha Monson
Ms. Tammy Montoya
Dr. Ernest Moore and Dr. Sarah Moore
Ms. Rosa Moran
Ms. Jennifer Moreland
Ms. Jaime Morelli, R.N.
Ms. Iris Moreno
Ms. Colette Morris
Ms. Nichole Morris
Mr. Billy Morrison
Rev. Brian Morrow

Ms. Stacy Morsch, N.P.
Mr. Jonathan Mroch and Mrs. Janelle Mroch
Ms. Clara Munoz
Ms. Rosemary Munoz
Dr. Anna-Lisa Munson
Mrs. Susan Murphy
Ms. Elizabeth Muscia
Ms. Victoria Myers
Mr. Marco Navarro
Ms. Brenda Naylor
Dr. Alicen Nelson
Mr. Jason Nelson, R.N.
Ms. Kim Nelson and Mr. Lloyd Nelson
Ms. Erin Nevers
Ms. Jennifer Newman and Mr. David Engel
Mr. Simon Ngembo
Ms. Michelle Nguyen
Ms. Masayo Nishiyama
Ms. Alyson Noble
Ms. Linda Nothnagel
Ms. Merrietta Novak
Ms. Samantha Nuanez
Ms. Stephanie Nunez
Ms. Lauren Nungaray
Ms. Mary Oakes
Ms. Kristina Oatis
Ms. Barbara Oberfeld
Dr. Kelly O'Brien
Ms. Kristen OBrien
Ms. Yolanda Olivares
Ms. Heather Olsen
Ms. Jessie Olweean
Ms. Skye O'Neil
Mr. Kuang Oo
Ms. Shirley Ordonez
Mr. Andrew Ornelas
Ms. Loida Orozco
Ms. Guadalupe Ortega
Ms. Alice Ortiz
Ms. Ariunsanaa Otgonbayar
Mr. James W. Ott
Ms. Maria Ozeta
Ms. Morgan Pace
Mr. James Pacifico
Mr. Jeffrey Padgett
Ms. Melissa Paglomutan
Ms. LuLu Palmon

Ms. Shaina Palumbo, R.N.
Ms. Dayana Parra Castillo
Ms. Joan Parsons
Ms. Sara Parsons
Ms. Viviana Pasillas
Mr. Blue Patterson
Ms. Sheila Paukert
Ms. Marjorie Pawlik
Mr. Jason Pearse
Dr. Jerusha Pearson Lev
Mr. Theodore Pegues
Dr. Katherine Pehl
Ms. Liza Pena
Ms. Nadine Pena
Mr. Leslie Pennington
Dr. Lara Penny and Mr. Eric Kosser
Ms. Shirley Peppler, R.N.
Mrs. Bernice Pereyra
Mr. Alejandro Perez
Ms. Yvette Perez
Ms. Deana Perlmutter
Dr. John Perna
Ms. Elizabeth Peros
Mr. Douglas Persson
Ms. My Linh Pham, R.N.
Ms. Tuyet-Nhung Pham
Ms. Judi Phillips
Mr. Jerry Phipps
Ms. Marla Pidgeon, R.N.
Ms. Angelica Piedrasanta
Dr. Fredric Pieracci and Mrs. Antonia Pieracci
Dr. Christopher Pierce
Mr. Olcott Pinkston
Dr. Juan Pino
Ms. Kathlen Plata Castro
Mr. Arthur Pliaconis
Ms. Allison Pohlmann
Mr. Michael Pollak and Mrs. Shereen Pollak
Ms. Susan Porter
Ms. Jennifer Post, R.N.
Mr. David Potter and Mrs. Marti Boatright Potter
Mr. Cody Prentice, C.N.A.
Ms. Ines Prieto Loya
Ms. Ashwini Pugazhendhi
Ms. Megan Pula
Ms. Nora Pulford, C.R.N.A.
Ms. Sara Purvis

Mr. Brett Quiett
Ms. Cristi Quinn
Mr. Lloyd Quintana Jr.
Ms. Diana Quintana
Ms. Jo Vanna Quintana
Ms. Dalila Quintino
Mr. Anthony Racine
Ms. Roxanne Radi
Mr. Fred Ramey and Mrs. Edie Ramey
Ms. Sonya Ramirez Loera
Ms. Francine Ramirez
Mr. Giovani Ramirez
Ms. Jesusa Ramirez
Ms. Orlinda Ramirez
Ms. Michelle Ramos
Dr. Lara Rappaport and Mr. Avidan Rappaport
Ms. Sandy Redman
Mr. Jamie Redmond
Ms. Michelle Reitz
Ms. Ericka Retana
Ms. Karina Reyes Valdez
Ms. Katherine Reynolds
Ms. Dianna Rhoades
Dr. Lauren Rhoades
Ms. Alisa Rice
Mr. Brian Richard
Ms. Marie Richardson, R.N.
Mr. Tony Riemma
Dr. Haley Ringwood
Mr. Franklin Rios
Mr. Luis Rivas-Orellana
Ms. Carmen Rivera
Ms. Delilah Rivera
Ms. Jean Roark-Ternes
Ms. Marissa Roberts
Mr. John Roble
Ms. Melissa Rodarte
Mr. Richard Rogers
Mrs. Sarah Rogers, R.N.
Ms. Jaimee Rojo
Mr. Mark Romano
Ms. Teri Rome
Ms. Rosanna Romero
Ms. Christina Rose, R.N.
Ms. Rachel Rosen
Ms. Leah Royalty, R.N.
Ms. Tanyra Rubio

Ms. Betsy Ruckard
Mr. Kevin Ruff, R.N.
Ms. Crystal Ruiz Boyles
Ms. Jessica Ruiz
Ms. Marilyn Ruland
Ms. Elizabeth Rumbel
Ms. Christine Russell
Ms. Jennifer Rutherford
Mrs. Michelle Rutkowski
Ms. Karen Ryan
Mrs. Michelle 'Mimi' Ryan, R.N. and Mr. Patrick Ryan
Mrs. Sharon Sager
Mr. Mike Sagrati
Mr. Aniss Sahli
Ms. Janelle Salazar
Ms. Rosella Salazar
Ms. Shaimaa Saleem
Mr. Max Salfinger and Mrs. Yvonne Salfinger
Ms. Velma Samora
Ms. Susan Sampson
Ms. Gina Sanchez
Ms. Mona Sanchez
Ms. Randi Sanchez
Ms. Maria Sandoval
Ms. Vianney Sandoval
Ms. Yaelina Santana
Ms. Dj Sante
Mr. Christopher Santoro, R.N.
Mr. Om Sapkota
Mr. Jerry Saulters
Mr. Andrew Savoie
Ms. Elaine Saxen
Ms. Lisa Scarth, L.C.S.W.
Ms. Kristine Schaefer
Mr. Michael Schiavo, M.A.E.C.
Ms. Maria Schimpf
Ms. Lourdes Schlager
Mrs. Lindsay Schlichting
Ms. Coral Schmidt
Ms. Dawna Schmidt
Ms. Judith Schneider
Ms. Marie Schnell, N.P.
Ms. Ann Schumann, R.N. and Mr. Steve Schumann
Ms. Elyse Schwab-Daugherty
Ms. Rebecca Schwartz
Mrs. Emma Schwarz
Mr. John Schwarz

Ms. Nancy Schwiesow
Ms. Rebecca Scull
Mrs. Trisha Segura
Ms. Nathalie Seoldo Hinman
Mr. Danny Seraphine
Ms. Ambar Serna
Ms. Linda Seymour
Mr. Abdulsamad Shabazz
Ms. Sonia Sheck
Ms. Way Shen and Mr. Christopher George
Ms. Stephanie Shepard
Ms. Christine Shephard
Ms. Janine Shepherd
Ming Tian Shi
Mr. John Shuchart
Ms. Laura Sifuentes Dorado
Mr. Diego Sigala
Ms. Laura Sillerman
Mrs. Molly Simington, R.N.
Ms. Ginny Sims
Mr. Alan Singer
Ms. Ramona Sipres, R.N.
Ms. Brooke Sixta, R.N.
Ms. Terri Skinner
Ms. Sarah Slager
Ms. Rachael Slaughter, L.C.S.W.
Ms. Rosa Sloan
Ms. Angela Smith
Ms. Inez Smith, R.N.
Ms. Rachel Smith
Ms. Fanny Sneddon
Ms. Denise Snyder
Mrs. Elissa Soden
Mrs. Janine Solano and Mr. Henry Solano
Ms. Maria Soria Rosales
Ms. Karen Sosa-Sanchez
Ms. Rebecca Speas
Ms. Crystal Spiri
Ms. Mary St. Onge
Ms. Nicole Stafford
Ms. Kelly Stainback-Tracy
Ms. Diana Staley
Mr. Deryk Standring
Ms. Mirna Stanley
Ms. Anne Starr
Ms. Renee Starr, R.N.
Ms. Marcy Stavely

Ms. Shana Steckler
Ms. LeAnn Steggs
Ms. Jessica Stein
Ms. Abigail Steiner
Ms. Kelly Stermer
Mr. Terry Stewart and Mr. John Foery
Ms. Erin Stone
Ms. Tosha Stoops
Ms. Kelly Stout
Ms. Shiloh Strobel
Ms. Elizabeth Strong
Ms. Lindsay Stronz
Ms. Kelly Stupak, R.N.
Mr. Jeffrey Sturdefant
Ms. Deverie Symons, R.N.
Mrs. Stephanie Syner
Ms. Jennifer Tafoya
Ms. Allison Talus
Ms. Brisa Tarin
Ms. Laura Taurchini
Dr. Shalini Tayal
Mrs. Narelle Taylor and Mr. Chad Bouchard
Ms. Amy Tease and Eric Tease
Ms. Ann Terrill
Ms. Michelle Then
Ms. Sabine Thermidor
Ms. Sandra Theunick
Dr. Molly Thiessen
Mr. Stanley Thomas
Ms. Kathy Thompson, M.S.
Mrs. Mandy Thompson, N.P.
Ms. Melissa Thompson, C.N.M.
Ms. Shelley Thompson
Ms. Kimberly Thomsen
Mr. Colin Thorn
Mrs. Tricia Tichota
Ms. Lauren Timkovich
Ms. Arianel Tinajero Garcia
Ms. Cindy Tomb
Dr. Margaret Tomcho
Mr. Patrick Tomsula and Mrs. Clara Tomsula
Ms. Faviola Torales
Mrs. Connie Torpen
Ms. Laura Triplett
Mr. Mark Twarogowski
Mr. Chad Utterson, C.R.N.A.
Ms. Amy Valchev

Ms. Carolyn Valdez
Ms. Luz Valenzuela Ochoa
Ms. Virginia Valenzuela
Ms. Marisa Valeras
Ms. Amy Valesh-Peterson
Ms. Nallely Valladares
Ms. Ingrid Van Den Abbeele, R.N.
Ms. Jillian Vance
Ms. Beth Vandagriff
Ms. Amber Vandemark
Ms. Elizabeth Vandervliet, P.A.
Ms. Georganne Vandyke
Ms. Oralia Varela Rodriguez
Ms. Lydia Varela
Ms. Brianna Vargas
Ms. Mayra Vargas
Dr. Heather Varnell
Ms. Gina Vasquez
Ms. Marissa Vasquez
Ms. Regina Vasquez
Mr. Steven Vasquez
Ms. Shawni Vaughn
Ms. Diane Verrilli
Ms. Marianne Vessely
Ms. Monica Vidales
Ms. Darlene Vigil
Ms. Shelly Vigil
Ms. Sharon Viglione
Mr. Anusorn Vilassakdanont
Ms. Caitlin Villarreal
Ms. Heather Vincent
Ms. Susan Violette
Ms. Kimphan Voung
Ms. Melinda Wagner, R.N.
Ms. Pamela Wagner
Ms. Dallen Waldenrath Gomez
Mr. Colin Walker
Mr. Daniel Walker
Ms. Jessica Wallace, P.A.
Ms. Geri Walsh, C.N.M.
Ms. Lucia Walsh
Mrs. Kathleen Warnecke, N.P. and Mr. Douglas Warnecke, C.R.N.A.
Ms. Sarah Warsh, N.P.
Ms. Kathleen Washington-Bullock
Mr. Matthew Watford and Mrs. Kristen Watford
Mrs. Sara Watson and Mr. Chris Watson
Ms. Julie Weaver

Ms. Laura Weinberg
Ms. Jean Weiss
Ms. Kathy Weiss
Ms. Randie Weiss
Ms. Kathleen Welsh
Ms. Carol Werckman
Ms. Christine Wexell
Mrs. Cynthia Whalen
Ms. Katherine Wheeler
Mr. Thomas Wheeler and Mrs. Kathleen Wheeler
Mr. Christopher Whelchel
Mr. Chad Whippo
Ms. DeShana White
Ms. India White
Ms. Britton Whitelaw
Mr. Justin Whitley
Mrs. Julie Wiener
Ms. Maggie Wilcox, R.N.
Mrs. Katie Wilfley, P.A.
Dr. Joshua Williams
Mr. Michael Williams
Mr. Pete Williams and Ms. Zoe Williams
Mr. Troy Willson
Ms. Caroline Wilson
Ms. Renee Wilson, R.N.
Mr. Christopher Winckler, C.R.N.A.
Mr. Mat Windsor
Mr. Austin Wingerson
Mr. Stephen Wise
Ms. Terra Wishon
Ms. Denise Wittsell
Ms. Evelyn Wolf
Mr. Solomon Wondie
Ms. Amy Wruszek, L.P.N.
Dr. Florence Wu
Ms. Tammie Yamasaki
Ms. Katie Youll
Mr. Alphanso Young
Ms. Fatima Young
Dr. Jeffrey Young
Ms. Irina Yushkevich
Dr. Pamela Zachar and Mr. Ben Jones
Ms. Rebekka Zak
Ms. Judith Zamudio
Ms. Amy Zeitz, L.C.S.W.
Mrs. Jacqueline Zheleznyak
Mr. Lenoid Zheleznyak

Dr. Chi Zheng
Ms. Anna Zielinski, R.N.
Ms. Lauren Zimmermann
Ms. Linda Zinn
Mr. William Zipprich and Mrs. Sheila Zipprich

Anonymous (6)
Mrs. Gini Aasen
Ms. Samantha Acosta
Mr. G Adams
Mrs. France Addington-Lee
Mr. Phillip Adolf
Ms. Sonia Agosto
Mrs. Bonnie Aguilera
Ms. Gabriela Aguilera
Ms. Bridget Agwu
Ms. Kaylynn Aiona
Ms. Patricia Aitken
Ms. Karen Albrecht
Mr. James Alcock
Ms. Laura Alegria
Mr. Stephen Alexander
Ms. Nicole Ali
Ms. Diane Allen
Ms. Janice Allen
Mrs. Judy Allender
Ms. Sonia Alvarez
Ms. Katie Amaya
Ms. Lorie Ambariantz
Ms. Yolanda Amezcua
Ms. Erin An
Mrs. Michelle Ancell
Ms. Gwyn Anderson
Ms. Kate Anderson
Mr. Mark Anderson
Mrs. Meredith Anderson
Mr. George Andresen
Ms. Carla Andrews
Ms. Sarah Andrews
Ms. Savannah Angel
Mr. Kyle Anhorn
Ms. Lynn Antony
Mrs. Srikala Appana
Mrs. Aimee Archer
Mr. John Arcuri

Ms. Elizabeth Arellano
Ms. Shelly Arneson
Ms. Ruby Arredondo
Ms. Karina Arreola
Ms. Veronica Arriaga
Ms. Yekaterina Ashter
Ms. Gloria Austin
Ms. Ashley Avila
Ms. Habsa Ba
Ms. Diana Bacon, R.N.
Mr. Kenneth Badger and Mrs. Diane Badger
Mr. Robert Baer
Ms. Crista Bailey
Mr. Richard Bailey
Mr. Rory Bain
Ms. Leah Baker Camper
Ms. Viktoriya Bakirova
Ms. Naomi Baline
Ms. Chelsea Ball
Ms. Paula Ball
Mr. William Bangs, Jr.
Ms. Julia Barker
Ms. Lisa Barker
Ms. Sarah Barker, R.N.
Ms. Fran Barnes
Ms. Rebecca Barnes
Mr. Ryan Barney
Mr. Danny Barocas
Mr. Michael Barrale
Mrs. Allie Barraza
Mrs. Dani Barraza
Mrs. Kaeli Barrett
Mr. Vance Barrett
Ms. Daniela Barron
Ms. Kassie Barta
Ms. Sara Barthel
Ms. Dawn Barton
Ms. Janet Bartsch
Mr. Rachel Baskt
Mrs. Hendrieka Bass
Mrs. Gina Basso
Ms. Joanne Bastian
Mrs. Terri Bateman
Mrs. Annette Bates
Ms. Ria Bates
Mrs. Heidi Bauer
Ms. Amy Baum

Mrs. Marci Bay and Mr. Scott Bay
Mrs. Helen Beckelheimer
Mr. Thomas Becker
Ms. Gaye Beckman
Mrs. Barbara Benik
Mrs. Nicole Benjamin
Mr. Eric Benson
Ms. Amy Berens
Ms. Iris Berger
Mr. Eric Bergman
Mrs. Debra L Bergmann
Dr. Lauren Bergstrand
Ms. Kayce Berke, R.N.
Ms. Irma Betancourt
Ms. Sue Bettermann
Ms. Christine Betts
Dr. Gregory Bevans
Mrs. Barbara Beverly
Ms. Janet Bias
Ms. Elizabeth Bibiloni Velazquez
Mr. Robert Bickler
Mr. Zachary Bierman
Mr. Michael Billings
Ms. Kalie Bishop
Ms. Janie Bixby
Mrs. Marilyn Blackburn
Ms. Sharon Blackburn
Mr. Lou Blair
Ms. Linda Blake
Mrs. Suzanne Blankenship and Mr. Keith Blankenship
Ms. Kelly Bletz
Mrs. Diane Bligh
Mr. Peter Bock
Ms. Lisa Boe-Sims
Mrs. Sarah Bogart
Ms. Erica Bolsover
Ms. Sandra Bolz
Mr. Brent Bonet
Mr. Mateyo Bonham
Ms. Jennifer Bonn, R.N.
Ms. Elizabeth Booth
Mr. Arthur Borodich
Ms. Darlyn Boss
Mr. Harvey Bowden II
Ms. Carol Boyd
Mrs. Gail Boyd
Ms. Mary Bradley

Ms. Shari Bradley
Mr. Thomas Bradley
Mr. Ted Brady
Ms. Rachel Brand
Ms. Anibel Brandemuehl
Ms. Catherine Brannan
Ms. Heather Brennan
Ms. Patricia Brewster
Ms. Jane Brickner
Ms. Lynn Bridges, R.N.
Mr. Kelson Brighton
Ms. Deb Brink
Ms. Dee Brinley
Ms. Judith Brion
Mrs. Linda Brisnehan
Mr. James Brock
Dr. Kerry Broderick
Ms. Susan Brodie
Ms. Juanita Bromfield
Ms. Audrey Bronson, R.N.
Ms. Stephanie Brooks, R.N.
The Honorable Jack Broughton and Mrs. Marilyn Broughton
Ms. Daniella Brown
Ms. Jane Brown
Ms. Kathi Brown
Mr. Mark Brown
Ms. Michelle Brown
Ms. Stephanie Brown
Ms. Janet Brunette
Mr. Don Bruning
Ms. Ms. Brunner Brunner
Ms. Susan Bucknam
Ms. Rose Marie Buckner and Mr. Roy Buckner
Mr. Gregory Budney
Ms. Gail Buelter
Ms. Bernadette Buena
Mr. Kenneth Bugosh
Ms. Gena Buhler
Mr. Robin Bun
Ms. Veronica Bundt
Mrs. Karen Burch
Mr. David Burgener
Ms. Marcia Burke
Mrs. Kay Burkett
Mrs. Stephanie Burkhardt
Ms. Lane Burleigh
Mr. Daniel Burseth

Mr. George Burson
Ms. Cynthia Bush
Mr. Joel Bush
Ms. Nicole Bushhouse
Ms. Alissa Butler
Ms. Betty Butler
Mrs. Julie Butler
Mrs. Lisa Butts
Mrs. Tina Byrd
Mr. John C. Fischer
Mr. Ed Cabazos
Ms. Sarah Caesar
Mr. Matthew Caldwell
Ms. Dulcie Camp
Mr. Jake Campbell
Ms. Melinda Campos
Mr. David Canfield
Mr. Stephen Canges
Mr. James Cannon
Ms. Patricia Capps
Ms. Veronica Caraveo
Ms. Myra Caraway
Mrs. Carol Anne Carl
Ms. Gail Carman
Ms. Kelly Carnahan
Mrs. Paula Carnes and Mr. David Carnes
Mrs. Elizabeth Carney
Mr. Kevin Carney
Mrs. Katherine Carpenter
Ms. Tania Carreon-Rodriguez
Ms. Karen Carter
Ms. Betty Caruso
Ms. Christina Caruso
Ms. Emily Caruso
Ms. Amber Casados
Mrs. Shelley Casagrande
Ms. Karen Case
Ms. Pat Casey
Ms. Barbara Cashion
Ms. Gabrielle Cassaly
Mr. Chris Casseday
Mrs. Patricia Cassell
Ms. Andrea Castaneda
Ms. Alma Castillo Velasco
Ms. Silvia Castillo
Mr. Zachary Catir
Ms. Caroline Caustrita

Lieut. Lindsey Cella
Ms. Evelyn Cepeda
Dr. Lilia Cervantes
Ms. Loryn Cesario
Mr. Lee Chalfant
Ms. Bianca Champoux, P.A.
Ms. Jolene Chan
Ms. Heather Chapas, R.N.
Mr. John Chapman
Ms. Kristin Chapman
Ms. Pamela Chappell
Ms. Marsha Chase
Ms. Carolina Chavarria
Ms. Sofia Chavez
Miss Stephanie Chavez
Ms. Yvette Chavez
Mrs. Julie Chelar
Mrs. Carmen Chenok
Mr. Joseph Cherry
Mr. Leland Chew
Ms. Lisa Childs
Father Elbert Chilson
Mrs. Olive Chinarian Smith
Ms. LaDonna Choate
Ms. Debra Christensen
Mr. Eric Christianson
Ms. Nicole Marie Cimino
Mrs. Rita Claar
Mr. David Clark
Mr. Jerren Clark, R.N.
Mr. Kevin Clark
Mrs. Maria Clark
Dr. Sallie Clark
Ms. Tara Clark
Mr. Paul Classen
Mr. Jerry Clayton
Ms. Jeanne Cleary
Mrs. Leslie Clemensen
Mr. Thomas Closs
Mr. Brian Coen
Ms. Linda Coleman
Mrs. Kelly Collins
Ms. Carin Colton
Mrs. Carol-Ann Connell
Mrs. Andrea Conners
Mr. Matthew Conover
Mrs. Barb Conroy

Ms. Ebrima Conteh
Mr. Joseph Contreras
Ms. Maritsa Contreras-Arroyo
Mr. Cole Cooper
Ms. Ashley Coram
Mr. Peter Cordero, Jr.
Mrs. Janet Cornell
Ms. Vivian Cornwell
Ms. Danielle Corriveau
Mrs. Jeana Cost
Ms. Janet Cotter
Ms. Kimberly Courtney
Ms. Christina Cowen, R.N.
Ms. Alexis Cralley
Ms. Sherry Cram
Mrs. Peggy Crane-Epand
Ms. Maya Crihfield Santangelo, R.N.
Ms. Ann Crosby
Mr. Kevin Crowder
Mrs. Megan Crummett
Mr. Jack Cudney
Ms. Angela Cuencas
Ms. Karen Culter
Mr. Andrew Cundiff
Ms. Karen Curry
Ms. Wilma Custy
Mr. Kevin Dageforde
Ms. Jessica Dalton
Mr. James Daly
Mr. Craig D'Andrea
Ms. Cecilia Daniels
Ms. Patricia Daniluk
Ms. Allison Danish
Mr. Robin Darby
Mr. Frank Dardano
Miss Elisabeth David
Mrs. Carrie Davis
Ms. Emily Davis
Ms. Kathy Davis
Mr. Michael Davis
Mrs. Susan Davis
Ms. Bernadette De Herrea
Mr. Kevin Dean
Mrs. Jeannie DeBoer
Mrs. Ann DeCicco
Mr. Darren Decker
Mr. Derek DeCloedt

Mrs. Barbara Deeds and Mr. James Deeds
Ms. Laine DeFreece
Mrs. Barbara Deheer
Mr. Albert DeLaGarza
Ms. Denise Delaney
Mrs. Nichole DeLuzio
Mrs. Sarah DeMeola
Ms. Elizabeth Demeusy
Mrs. Laura DeMoulin
Mrs. Kelly Denning
Mr. James Deutsch
Ms. Sheila Devaud
Ms. Jolene Devine
Mr. Jason Devitt
Ms. Barbara Dey
Mr. David DeYoung
Ms. Brenda Diaz
Ms. Margarita Diaz
Ms. Paula Diaz
Ms. Rosalinda Diaz
Mrs. Kinsey Dickmann
Mrs. Jessica Diener
Ms. Cleo Dioletis
Mrs. Sue Dixon
Ms. Angele Djogou
Dr. Sandra Doe
Mrs. Diane Doehring
Mrs. Beth Doherty
Ms. Alex Dolce
Ms. Sarai Dominguez Esquivel
Ms. Karen Dominguez
Ms. Kathy Donahoe
Mrs. Barbara Donaldson
Dr. Rodrigo Donalisio da Silva
Ms. Linda Donovan
Ms. Jessica Dooley
Ms. Meshun Dotson
Mrs. Gina Doucett
Mrs. Courtney Douglas
Mrs. Susan Dowd
Mr. Ernest C Downey
Mr. Matthew Downey
Mr. Victor Downey
Mr. Philip Doyle
Mrs. Amy Dressel-Martin and Mr. Scott Dressel-Martin
Mr. Preston Driggers
Ms. Donna Driscoll

Ms. Linda Drury
Ms. Tina Du Mond
Mr. Joe Ducey
Mr. Hugo Duenas
Mr. Donald Dulchinos
Mrs. Rebecca Duncan
Ms. Deanna Duncan-Allen
Ms. Donna Dunhill
Ms. Diane Dunn
Ms. Dede Duong
Mr. Paul Dusatko
Ms. Kelsey Dworkin
Mrs. Megan Dwyer
Capt. Dwight Dyer
Mr. Martin Easters
Ms. Cordelia Edison
Mrs. Lorilee Edson
Mr. James Edwards
Miss Kara Ehlis
Ms. Rachel Elger
Mrs. Diane Ellsworth
Miss Charlene Elmore
Dr. David Elwell and Ms. Christy Elwell
Ms. Robin Engleberg and Mr. Michael Engleberg
Ms. Miranda Ernst
Mr. Gary Ervick and Mrs. Patricia Ervick
Ms. Karen Espinoza
Mr. Michael Esquibel
Dr. Marcia Eustaquio
Mrs. Barbara Evans
Ms. Kelly Evans
Mr. Robert Evans and Mrs. Janet Evans
Mr. Bill Everett and Mrs. Sarah Everett
Mrs. Jodene Faecett
Ms. Raquelle Fahle
Ms. Skylar Failla
Ms. Caitlin Falconer
Mrs. Darlene Farley
Ms. Elaine Farrell
Ms. Tina Farrell
Ms. Kayla Fazio
Mrs. JoAnn Fee
Ms. Constance Feist
Ms. Cori Ferguson
Miss Leah Ferguson
Mr. Chris Fernandez
Mr. Randal Fesmire

Ms. Rachel Fewell
Ms. Lisa Filipczak
Mrs. Robin Finegan and Mr. Cole Finegan
Mr. Tim Finn
Ms. Louise Firth
Dr. Colleen Fischer
Ms. Jenna Fischer
Ms. Linda Fish
Mr. Phillip Fishbein
Mrs. Joann Fitch
Ms. Kathleen Fitzgerald
Mrs. Sandra Fitzgerald
Ms. Regan Flanigan and Mr. Joel Burns
Ms. Jaime Fleagle
Ms. Rebecca Fleming, R.N.
Mr. Ransom Flint
Mrs. Thanet Flint
Ms. Elizabeth Flood
Ms. Jessenia Flores
Ms. Diana Flores-Plata
Mr. Alvaro Florez
Prof. John Fluke
Ms. Elizabeth Foged
Ms. Danielle Foley
Ms. Meghan Foley
Ms. Erin Folly
Mr. Stephen Fontana
Mrs. Lucy Footlik
Ms. Lexie Forbes, R.N.
Ms. Danielle Ford
Ms. Diane Ford
Ms. Lou Ann Foster
Mr. Scott Foust and Mrs. Michele Foust
Ms. Jennifer Fowler
Mrs. Janet Fox
Mr. Joel Fraites
Ms. Janice Frary
Ms. Jennifer Frausto
Mrs. Brenda Fredrickson
Ms. Laura Freed
Mr. Ronald Fresquez
Ms. Teresa Freudig, R.N.
Mr. John Frey
Ms. Miranda Frye, R.N.
Ms. Pat Funair
Mrs. LuAnn Furlow
Ms. Margaret Furlow

Ms. Liz Fuselier
Mr. Brian Gaboriau
Mr. Bruce Gabow
Ms. Julie Gale
Ms. Pamela Gale
Ms. Kathy Gallivan
Ms. Sonia Galvez
Ms. Leah Galvin
Ms. Jazmin Gamboa
Sister Ann Garcia
Ms. Christine Garcia
Ms. Irene Garcia
Ms. Maribel Garcia
Ms. Rose Garcia
Ms. Leslie Garcia-Espinoza
Mr. Christopher Gardner
Mrs. Emma Gardner
Mrs. Lisa Garrett
Ms. Jill Gates
Mrs. Lawanda Gaul
Mrs. Anna Gebhardt
Ms. Bridget Geck
Ms. Alisha Geiwitz
Mr. Robert Gelhar
Ms. Jonie Gentz
Mrs. Tamara Geoffrion
Ms. Ruth Gerrity
Ms. Barbara Gertner
Mr. John Geyer
Ms. Brenda Gibbons
Ms. Candace Gibbons
Ms. Camerice Gibson
Mr. Nathan Gibson
Mrs. Stacy Gieg
Mr. Mark Gilbert
Mr. Scott Giles
Ms. Laura Gill
Mr. Scott Gillan
Ms. Barbara Gillmor
Ms. Marnie Gloor
Mrs. Susan Gluck
Mr. Brian Goldstein
Ms. Kaylyn Golike
Miss Maria Gomez
Dr. Bryn Gonzales
Ms. Doris Gonzales
Ms. Cynthia Gonzalez

Ms. Gisela Gonzalez
Ms. Leticia Gonzalez
Ms. Patricia Goodman
Ms. Ann Goodyear
Mrs. Denise Gordon
Dr. Sara Gordon
Mr. Tim Gordon
Ms. Amber Gore, R.N.
Mrs. Susan Gough
Ms. Jamie Govekar
Mrs. Michelle Graboski
Ms. Julie Granius
Ms. Ashley Grant
Ms. Ronda Grassi
Mr. Brady Grassmeyer
Mr. Robert Grauberger
Mr. Gary Gravante
Ms. Dawn Green, R.N.
Ms. Sarah Greer
Mr. Rich Grega and Mrs. Kathy Grega
Ms. Jan Gregory
Mrs. Kathi Griffin
Ms. Jamie Grim
Ms. Janet Grimmett
Mrs. Sharona Grinsteiner
Mr. Stephen Groshart
Ms. Amy Grubert
Mr. Rick Gruitch and Mrs. Marni Gruitch
Ms. Karen Gschwind
Ms. Monica Guardado
Ms. Staci Gulbin
Ms. Lea Gunnett
Mrs. Carla Gustafson
Ms. Mayra Gutierrez
Ms. Norma Gutierrez
Dr. Tracy Gutierrez
Ms. Elizabeth Gwynn
Mr. Jon Haacke
Ms. Drucie Haddock
Ms. Azza Hagel Agib
Ms. Sandy Haigh
Mrs. Savannah Halboth
Mrs. Terry Haley-Kolesar
Ms. Mary Hall
Mrs. Tracey Hall
Ms. Suzanne Halter and Mr. David Halter
Ms. Cheryl Hamilton

Mrs. Erin Hamilton
Ms. Mara Hammond
Ms. Trina Haney
Mrs. Brenda Hansen
Mrs. Terra Hansen
Ms. Karmen Hanson
Mr. Terry Hardy
Mrs. Maureen Harney
Mrs. Kimberly Harp
Ms. Stephanie Harper
Ms. Amy Harpool
Ms. Alice Harris
Ms. Amy Harris
Ms. Erin Harris
Dr. Kristin Harris
Ms. Rachael Harris
Ms. Kim Harrison
Ms. Sarah Harrison
Ms. Laura Hartgerink
Ms. Carole Harvell
Ms. Jeanne Hatcher
Ms. Kathy Hatz
Ms. Barbara Hauben
Mr. Edward Haugland
Mr. Benjamin Hauschild
Mr. Christopher Hawkins
Ms. Colleen Haynes
Mrs. Qianbin He
Dr. Annabeth Headrick
Dr. Kennon Heard
Ms. Susan Heard
Ms. Diane Hedberg
Ms. Kristin Heese, R.N.
Ms. Gail Heinrich
Mrs. Karma Heintz
Mr. Thomas Held
Mr. Jeff Heller
Ms. Sara Helton, R.N.
Ms. Mary Hencmann
Mr. Cody Henderson
Ms. Linda Henderson
Ms. Sara Henderson, R.N.
Ms. C Hendrickson
Mrs. Bernadette Hensen
Ms. Sandra Herman
Mr. Agustin Hernandez
Mr. Christopher Herndon

Ms. Cynthia Herod
Ms. Carol Hesse
Ms. Diane Heyder
Ms. Tricia Higgins and Mr. Rich Higgins
Mr. Edward Hilgier
Ms. Margaret Hiller
Ms. Linda Hills
Mr. Brandon Hilyard
Mr. John Hiraga
Mrs. Amy Hitchingham
Ms. Tara Hixson
Ms. Diana Hodge
Ms. Bethany Hoffman
Ms. Debra Hoffman
Mr. Eric Hoffman and Mrs. Leah Hoffman
Mr. Joe Hoffman
Ms. Kristin Hoffmann
Ms. Lisa Hofsess
Mrs. Alexandra Hogan Melberg
Mrs. Deborah Hogue
Ms. Mackenzie Holdershaw
Mr. David Holland
Ms. Penny Sue Hollon
Mr. Mark Holste and Mrs. Linda Holste
Mrs. Sandra Holtcamp
Ms. Cheryl Holton, R.N.
Mrs. Cathy Hoops
Mr. Chase Hopkins
Ms. Sarah Hopkins
Mr. David Hoppe
Ms. Sandra Hoppe
Mrs. Tammy Horlacher
Ms. Kellie Horn, R.N.
Ms. Alexandra Horvart
Mrs. Jennifer Houston
Ms. Jessica Houtz
Mr. George Hovey
Mrs. Kristin Howe and Mr. John Howe
Ms. Elizabeth Hubert
Mr. John Huddle
Ms. Linda Hudson
Ms. Jennifer Hughes
Mrs. Nina Hughes
Ms. Sarah Hughes
Mr. Sergio Huizar Pacheco
Ms. Sandra Huizar
Dr. Joedy Hulings

Mrs. Rebecca Humenansky
Mrs. Abby Humphrey
Ms. Cindy Humphrey
Mr. Brian Hunter
Ms. Catherine Hupp
Mr. Daniel Hurtado
Mrs. Genevieve Hutchison
Ms. Emily Hutson, P.A.
Mr. Neal Ichinohe
Mrs. Joanne Ida
Mr. Eugene Ilchenko
Mr. Jared Ingwalson
Ms. Kari Innes
Ms. Nicole Isenberg
Ms. Jeri Ismert
Ms. Heather Israel
Ms. Danielle Ivanovich
Ms. Carly Izat
Ms. Keira Jack
Ms. Saisunee Jackson, R.N.
Ms. Alejandra Jacobo
Mr. Chuck Jacobs and Mrs. Robyn Jacobs
Ms. Erin Jacobson
Ms. Trina Jacobson
Ms. Joanne Jakicic
Ms. Emma James, R.N.
Ms. Norma James
Ms. Jennifer Jankovich
Mr. Herb Janssen
Mr. Mark Jaros
Mr. Jeffrey Jaskunas
Ms. Debbe Jaspering
Mr. Sean Jenkinson
Ms. Celeste Jensen
Ms. Elizabeth Jesmer
Mrs. Jessica Jessen
Ms. Pam Jewett
Dr. Martha Johns
Mr. Bruce Johnson
Mr. Chuck Johnson
Mr. Eric Johnson
Ms. Ginger Johnson
Ms. Kirsten Johnson
Mrs. Margaux Johnson
Mrs. Maureen Johnson
Mr. Vinson Johnson
Ms. Joni Johnson-Powe

Mrs. Barbara Johnson Stern
Mrs. Brittany Jones
Ms. Elizabeth Jones
Mrs. Harriet Jones
Ms. Kaitlyn Jones
Mrs. Kristin Jones
Mr. Kurt Jones and Mrs. Krischa Jones
Ms. Vernita Jones, R.N.
Mrs. Carrie Jordan
Ms. Esmeralda Jordan
Mr. Bradley Joseph
Mrs. Terry Jovanovich
Mrs. Jean Joyce
Ms. Edervilia Juarez de Trinidad
Prof. Susan Jurow
Ms. Courtney Justice
Ms. Alison Kadans
Ms. Jennifer Kagarise
Mrs. Christina Kaiser
Mrs. Angela Kalous
Mrs. Sherry Kamerman
Mr. Arnold Kaplan and Mrs. Linda Kaplan
Ms. Anne Karna, R.N.
Mrs. Rachel Kauffman
Ms. Angie Keating
Ms. Joy Kehoe
Ms. Amy Keith
Ms. Vanessa Keitzer
Mrs. Carolyn Kelly
Ms. Heather Kempsell
Mr. Ian Kennedy
Mrs. Janice Kennedy
Ms. Jennifer Kennedy, R.N.
Dr. Kathleen Kennedy
Ms. Sophia Kenny
Ms. Kristen Kent
Ms. Joellyn Keranen
Ms. Katie Kerr
Mr. Jessie Kerstiens
Mrs. Cynthia Kidwell
Mrs. Barbara Kientz
Mrs. Barbara Kieswetter
Mr. Michael Kiley
Mrs. Jennifer Kilstrup
Ms. Jennie Kim
Mr. Lloyd Kimball
Ms. Alice Kimura

Ms. Kathy Kinchen
Dr. J. Michael King
Mr. Lawrence King
Ms. Marguerite King
Mrs. Shobha Kini
Mr. W K Kirk
Mr. Tom Kirwin
Mrs. Marilee Kissler
Mr. Bill Kitamura
Ms. Lauren Kitchens
Mr. Tom Kitts
Mr. Matthew Kitzman and Mrs. Carolyn Kitzman
Mr. Alex Klein
Mr. Herb Klein
Mrs. Karen Klein
Mr. William Klein
Mr. Andrew Klockars
Mr. Kevin Klotz and Mrs. Sharon Klotz
Mr. Aaron Klugger, R.N.
Mrs. Amy Klugh
Mr. Raymond Klumker
Mr. Guy Knauer
Ms. Megan Koch
Ms. Jan Koenig
Mr. Mark Koenig
Ms. Rachel Kohl
Ms. Gudrun Kohler
Mrs. Nancy Kolb
Ms. Dona Konecny
Ms. Teresa Koransky
Ms. Bernice Korpela, R.N.
Mrs. Rachel Kortmeyer
Mr. John Koski
Mr. Trevor Koss
Ms. Ruth Kotten
Ms. Ann Koutsavlis
Ms. Krista Kowalski, R.N.
Ms. Marjorie Kramer
Mr. Scott Kramer
Ms. Susan Kreger
Mr. Scott Kreider
Ms. Christine Kremzar
Mr. Jason Kroll-Rosen
Mrs. Loma Kruesi
Mr. Joel Kruppa
Mr. Stephen Kudebeh, P.A.
Ms. Elizabeth Kunkle

Ms. Ruby Kwansah
Jihee Kwon
Mrs. Karen La Porte
Mr. William Lacert
Ms. Joy Lackey, C.N.M.
Mr. James Lagrotteria
Miss Melodie Lake
Mr. David Lakes
Mrs. Kimberly Lamb
Mr. Ray Lamb
Ms. Twyla Lance
Mr. Dave Landau
Ms. Sylvia Lane
Mrs. Ginger Lang
Ms. Bernadette Langbein
Mrs. Lynn Langton
Mr. Frederick Lantz
Mr. David Larkin
Ms. Kaimana Larson
Mrs. Whitney Larson
Mr. Michael Latimer
Mrs. Cheryl Laudenbach
Mr. Nick Laursen
Mrs. Elizabeth Laurvick
Mr. Terry Laverty
Ms. Kiara Leasia
Mr. Clint Ledbetter
Mr. Patrick Lee
Ms. Sumi Lee
Ms. Sharon Lee-Sheridan
Ms. Courtney Legge
Mr. Dallas Lendrum
Mr. Tom Lester
Mrs. JoAnn Leung
Ms. Amy Liao
Mrs. Jodi Licalzi
Ms. Ann Licholat
Ms. Jennifer Lien
Mr. Justin Liller
Ms. Ann Lincoln
Mr. Nick Lindgren and Mrs. Jeannette Lindgren
Ms. Emily Lindner
Ms. Karen Lipfert
Ms. Paulette Littlejohn
Ms. Laura Littman
Ms. Dianna Litvak
Mr. Kenn Lively

Ms. Margaret Lobeck
Mr. Michael Lockwood
Mrs. Mary Loftis
Dr. Kimberly Lomonaco Haycraft
Dr. Jeremy Long and Dr. Amy Long
Ms. Pia Lea Long
Ms. Linda Loose
Ms. Berta Lopez Aguilera
Ms. Jessica Lopez
Mr. Bob & Gail Loveman and Mrs. Gail Loveman
Ms. Penny Lowry
Ms. Amy Loya
Mr. David Lubar
Mrs. Jennifer Lucas
Ms. Jill Lucas
Ms. Jill Lucero
Ms. Laura Lucero
Ms. Cheree Lueck, R.N.
Mr. James Luethye
Mr. Donald Lujan
Ms. Mora Luke
Ms. Jodi Lundin
Ms. Diane Lundstrom
Ms. Minh Luong
Ms. Amber Lutt
Ms. Rebecca Lux
Ms. Anita Lynch
Mr. Devon Lyons
Mrs. Josephine MacDonagh
Ms. Lori Machamer
Mr. Joseph Machier
Ms. Lexi Maciorowski
Ms. Maria Madrigal Jiminez
Ms. Karla Maez
Ms. Ana Magallanes Rios
Ms. Wendy Magana
Ms. Ruth Magtanong
Mrs. Rebecca Maguire
Ms. Kimberly Mahon
Mr. Joe Mahoney
Mr. Adam Majerowski
Ms. Trisha Maki
Ms. Carly Malone
Mr. Rick Malone
Mrs. Sharon Mangers
Ms. Julie Mangum
Ms. Shachi Mankodi

Ms. Liz Mantelli
Ms. Nary Maple
Ms. Deborah Margeson
Mrs. Jaya Marienau
Mrs. Julie Marsh
Ms. Stella Marshall
Ms. Felicia Marti
Mr. Geoff Martin
Ms. Cristal Martinez
Ms. Nichole Martinez
Ms. Tammi Martinez
Ms. Lucia Martinez-Butron
Ms. Vickie Martinkus
Mr. Marty Mashe
Mr. Adrien Matadi
Ms. Donna Mather
Mrs. Mary Mathews
Mr. Justin Matott
Mrs. Rose Matovina
Mr. Scott Matthews
Mrs. Audrey Maydew
Mr. Jordan Mazzara
Mrs. Deborah McCabe
Ms. Janet McCabe
Ms. Krista McCabe
Mrs. Vicki McCafferty
Ms. Kathleen McCall-Thompson and Mr. Kent Thompson
Mrs. Amanda McCarthy
Mr. Ryan McCaw
Ms. Pamela McClintock
Mrs. Kareen McCollough
Mr. Ronn McConnell
Ms. Jennifer McCoy
Ms. Nancy McCullough
Ms. Rebecca McDonald
Ms. Lauren McEvoy
Ms. Nancy McFaddin
Ms. Kelly McFarland
Ms. Sarah McGrath
Mr. Tyler McGrath, R.N.
Ms. Rochelle McGregor
Ms. Patricia McGrew
Mrs. Christine McKelvey
Mrs. Kim McKenzie
Ms. Wendy McKenzie
Ms. Melissa McKibben
Dr. Gillian McKnight-Tutein

Ms. Elizabeth McLachlan, C.N.M.
Mr. Rich McLean
Ms. Kathleen McNeill
Ms. Heather McNeilly
Ms. Jennifer McNelly
Mrs. Julie McPherson
Mr. David McQueen
Miss Julie McShane
Mr. Joseph McTee
Mr. Loren Meaux
Mrs. Kimberly Mech
Ms. Annie Medina
Ms. Jeanette Medina
Mrs. Janet Meinen
Ms. Tara Melehan
Mr. Jose Mendez
Ms. Erica Mendoza
Ms. Laura Merrick
Mrs. Patricia Merrill
Ms. Wendy Merritt
Mrs. Callie Messer
Ms. Debra Meyer
Mr. Gareth Middleton
Ms. Shelley Mikelson, R.N.
Ms. Kathy Mikkelson
Ms. Mary Milbrandt
Ms. Elizabeth Milhaupt, L.C.S.W.
Ms. Joyce Milinar
Mrs. Christie Miller
Mr. David Miller
Mrs. Jennifer Miller
Mrs. Kimberly Miller
Ms. Lauren Miller, R.N.
Mrs. Nina Miller
Ms. Rachel Miller
Ms. Shannon Miller
Ms. Deidedre Mills
Miss Jackie Mills
Ms. Aubrey Milosevic, R.N.
Mr. Ryan Minatta
Mr. Keith Mobley
Ms. Maureen Modlish
Ms. Linda Moller
Ms. Shannon Monahan
Ms. Silvia Monarrez de Barron
Ms. Carrie Mondragon
Dr. Matthew Monson

Mrs. Cheryl Montgomery
Ms. Phoebe Montgomery, N.P.
Ms. Lorraine Montoya
Ms. Alison Moore
Mrs. Deborah Moore
Mr. MaShawn Moore
Mr. Timothy Moore
Mr. Tyler Moore and Mrs. Pamela Jill Moore
Ms. Kelly Moran
Ms. Wendy Moran-Ibarra
Ms. Laura Morehouse
Ms. Erika Moreno
Ms. Terrie Morgan
Ms. Cynthia Morgenthaler
Ms. Alane Morris
Mrs. Vicki Morris
Mr. Mark Morrison
Mr. James Morse
Mrs. Le Anna Mosher
Ms. Julie Mosley
Mrs. Shauna Moss
Ms. Chris Mountain
Ms. Bethelyn Mrstik
Ms. Kathleen Mullin
Ms. Briana Munguia
Ms. Jennifer Munthali
Ms. Katie Murphy
Ms. Morgan Murphy
Ms. Sarah Murray
Ms. Kathy Musgjerd
Mrs. Cinds Musgrave
Mrs. Deirdre Nalven and Mr. James Nalven
Ms. Anne Nash
Ms. Jahnine Nassif
Ms. Shalini Naumov
Ms. Carolina Navarro Guevara
Ms. Tiffany Navarro
Mr. Alan Nazzaro
Mr. Gary Nearpass
Mr. Brent Nelson
Mr. Rich Nethery and Ms. Martha Nethery
Ms. Beth Neuhalfen
Ms. Anne Neuhaus
Mrs. Barbara Neville
Ms. Debra Neyman
Ms. Jenny Nguyen
Mrs. Cate Nichols

Ms. Laurel Nichols
Seffiyah Nichols
Mrs. Jasmine Nickerson
Ms. Dee Nielsen
Ms. Lynne Niston
Mrs. Karen Nogami
Mr. Brad Nolan
Ms. Lennice Nordaune Keefe and Mr. Thomas Keefe
Mrs. Lauren Noreen
Ms. Linda Norris
Mrs. Kathy North
Ms. Stephanie Norton
Ms. Carrie Noteboom
Mrs. Sharon Nothnagel
Mr. Robb Novak
Mrs. Geri Noyes
Ms. Cherie Nuanes, P.A.
Mrs. Kelly Nuebel
Ms. Jaana Nystrom
Ms. Cindy O’Fallon
Mr. Gregory Ockey
Ms. Tanya O'Connor
Mr. Billy ODell
Ms. Tamera Odovardi
Mr. Scott Ogle
Mr. Bill O'Hair
Dr. Barbara Olds
Ms. Kelly Olia
Mr. Donald Olin, R.N.
Representative Tisa Olsen
Mrs. Casey Olson
Mr. Richard Olson
Mr. Ronald Olson
Mr. Jesus Olvera
Mr. Clarke Omdahl
Ms. Catherine O'Rourke
Mr. Aaron Ortiz
Mr. Luis Ortiz
Ms. Sally Ortiz
Mr. James Osburn
Mrs. Sara Ostrom
Mrs. Anna Otgonbayar
Ms. Mayra Ozeta
Mrs. Wendy Pacheco
Mr. Joseph Pacillo
Ms. Andalecia Padilla
Mrs. Paola Paga

Ms. Raina Palmatier
Ms. Keri Palmer
Mrs. Sara Palmer
Mrs. Laura Pals
Ms. Theresa Papich
Ms. Rosa Parga
Ms. Eliabeth Park
Ms. Michelle Park
Mr. Douglas Parker
Mrs. Janice Parker
Ms. Karen Parker
Ms. Lorri Parker
Mr. Jeffrey Parks
Ms. Billie Parmenter
Mr. Saketh Parsa
Mrs. Judi Parson
Mr. Gary Paterson
Ms. Brenda Patrick
Mrs. Rhonda Patston
Mrs. Deanna Patton
Mr. Michael Paul
Ms. Diana Payne
Mr. Sid Payne
Mr. Richard Pearson
Mr. Scott Pedram
Mr. Gordon Pedrow
Ms. Akacia Pennington
Mrs. Rachel Perez-Steinbach
Dr. Tom Perkins
Ms. Erin Perry, R.N.
Mr. Russell Perry
Mr. Jeffrey Peters
Mrs. Maria Peters
Ms. Juanita Peterson
Mrs. Eyvon Petty
Ms. Kelly Petty
Ms. Elizabeth Pexton
Mrs. Sara Pezzoli
Ms. Karma Phillips
Ms. Carolyn Pierini
Ms. Kathy Pinelli
Ms. Debbie Pink
Mr. Dennis Pinkerton
Ms. Candace Pitman
Mrs. Dana Plewka
Mr. Noah Plotkin
Ms. Bee Yen Png

Ms. Elise Pocock
Mrs. Illeane Podolski
Mr. John Poitevin
Mrs. Linda Polese
Mr. Jason Pollock
Mr. Ryan Pontious
Ms. Karen Porte, R.N.
Ms. Jessenia Portillo
Ms. Diana Portillo-Burger
Mrs. Colleen Powell
Ms. Kathy Pownell
Ms. Brinda Prabhakar-Gippert
Mrs. Mary Prall
Ms. Laura Prang
Mrs. Shawna Prather
Miss Mary Prats
Ms. Candice Preslaski
Mr. Heyden Presley
Dr. Dean Prina
Ms. Bettina Proctor
Mr. Henry Provost
Mrs. Lori Purcell
Mrs. Andrea Putman
Ms. Rosio Quezada
Dr. Jamin Quimby
Ms. Christine Quinonez
Mr. Daniel Rabin
Mr. Arlin Raedeke
Ms. Lexi Raemsch
Mr. Paul Rafferty
Ms. Lean Rainold
Ms. Andrea Ramirez Sandoval
Ms. Anna Ramirez
Ms. Patricia Ramirez
Mrs. Ruby Ramirez
Ms. Gabriela Ramos
Ms. Rosa Ramos
Mr. Matthew Ramsey, C.N.A.
Mrs. Linda Randall
Ms. Betty Rasmussen
Ms. Ann Rath
Ms. Huong Raue
Ms. Marcia Reardon
Mr. Robert Reece
Ms. Carol Reed
Ms. Michele Reeves, R.N.
Ms. Gwen Regenwether

Ms. Colette Reilly
Ms. Alexa Rendon
Mr. Edgar Renteria
Ms. Teresa Reyburnorne
Ms. Tina Reyes
Ms. Esmeralda Reyes-Segundo
Mr. John Reynolds
Dr. Jon Richard
Ms. Karen Richards
Mr. John Richardson
Mr. Brian Richmond
Ms. Samantha Ridgeway Fulton, R.N.
Mrs. Kathryn Rieck
Ms. Deborah Rinehart
Mr. Mark Rinehart
Mrs. Karin Ritchie
Mr. William Ritchie
Mr. Eric Rivedal and Mrs. Susan Rivedal
Ms. Nicole Robbins
Ms. Diane Roberts
Ms. Janet Roberts
Ms. Caitlin Robinson
Ms. Esmeralda Rocha
Ms. Jenna Rocker
Ms. Karilynn Rockhill
Ms. Wendy Rockwell
Ms. Bianca Rodriguez
Ms. Reanna Rodriguez
Ms. Peggy Rogers
Ms. Jan Rogstad
Ms. Jennifer Rokala
Ms. Elizabeth Rolen
Mr. Dave Rolley
Mrs. Sherry Romero
Ms. Tiffany Romero
Ms. Kathryn Rose
Ms. Lorraine Ross
Ms. Patricia Ross
Ms. Jenean Rothe
Ms. Lara Rotter
Ms. Nancy Rowley
Ms. Mira Rubenstein
Mr. Michael Rubinstein
Ms. Sheila Rudofsky and Mr. Gerard Rudofsky
Mr. Steve Ruhle
Ms. Celina Ruiz
Mr. Daniel Ruiz

Ms. Silvia B Ruiz
Dr. David Ruppert
Mrs. Melissa Rutt
Ms. Lisa A Rycus
Ms. Mary Ryerson
Mr. Richard Ryerson
Mrs. Susan Rymer
Mrs. Donna Sackett
Dr. Neeraja Sadagopan
Ms. Lisa Sagar
Ms. Ursala Salas
Mr. Muhannad Salman
Ms. Lynnet Sanchez Martinez
Ms. Nancy Sanchez
Mr. Ryan Sanchez
Ms. Michelle Sanchez-Angeles
Ms. Laura Sandstrom
Ms. Roxana Santos Arroyo
Ms. Annette Sasin
Mrs. Rebecca Sauer
Mr. Bryan Saunders
Mrs. Patricia Sausen
Ms. Diane Sawaya
Ms. Rebecca Schaapveld
Mr. Donald Schaefer and Mrs. Elizabeth Schaefer
Ms. Elizabeth Scheitler
Ms. Andrea Schell
Ms. Charlotte Schell
Mr. Adrian Schenk
Ms. Karon Schleigh
Mrs. Cathy Schmit
Mrs. Julie Schneider
Ms. Deborah Schoeneshoefer
Mrs. Ann Schork
Ms. Karen Schottenstein
Dr. Martina Schulte
Ms. Jeannie Schuman
Ms. Diana Schur
Mrs. Lisa Schwartz
Ms. Gretchen Scott, C.N.M.
Mr. Andrew Seaser
Ms. Marjorie Seawell
Dr. Trina Seefeldt
Ms. Allison Seidel
Ms. Mary Sellers
Ms. Rhonda Sena
Ms. Alexzandra Serna

Mrs. Connie Shadley
Mrs. Charlene Shaffer
Dr. Rehaan Shaffie
Mrs. Ann Shanley
Ms. Nicole Shanor
Ms. Amanda Sharp, R.N.
Ms. Virginia Shaver
Ms. Terri Shaw
Dr. Chelsea Shellhart
Ms. Dianne Shepard
Ms. Ann Sherman
Mr. Douglas Sherman
Ms. Ruth Sherman
Ms. Katherine Shihadeh
Mrs. Debbie Shimada
Mrs. Gail Shirley
Mrs. Denise Shoaf
Mr. Robert Sholler
Mr. Brett Shomaker
Mrs. Vicky Shoopman
Mr. Christopher Short
Mr. Dick Shuster
Mrs. Sherry Shuster
Dr. Lauren Sieber
Mr. Dan Siebes
Mr. Jason Sielcken
Mrs. Kathleen Sigg
Mr. Joshua Simon
Mr. Louis Simonet
Mr. Jeffery Simpson
Ms. Paula Sinn-Penfold
Mr. John Sitzman
Dr. Pennelope Skoglund
Mr. Benjamin Skolozdra
Mr. Walter Slatkin and Rabbi Teena Slatkin
Mrs. Audrey Smeester
Ms. Kimberli Smetana, R.N.
Ms. Angela Smith
Mrs. Angharad Smith
Ms. Brittany Smith
Ms. Carol Smith
Ms. Carol Smith
Ms. Debbi Smith
Mr. George Smith
Rev. Michael Smith
Mr. Eric Smolen
Mrs. Carol Smoot

Mrs. Kate Snapp
Mrs. Margie Snow and Mr. Lawrence Snow
Ms. Mariel Snyder
Mrs. Kristi Soderquist
Mr. Isai Sosa
Ms. Reina Sosa
Mr. Martiniano Soto
Ms. Diana Souders
Mrs. Maria Speer and Mr. Tracy Speer
Mrs. Marcia Spenst
Ms. Jeannine Spicer
Ms. Janet Squires
Mrs. Dolores St John
Ms. Caitlin Stafford
Ms. Denise Stahmer
Mrs. Elisa Starble
Ms. Anella Stasica
Ms. Anne Stavig
Ms. Sheryl Stefaniak
Mr. Stephen Stefiuk
Mr. James Steiner
Ms. Patricia Steiner
Mr. Andrew Steketee
Ms. Janice Stephens
Ms. Jamie Stephenson
Ms. Jill Stevens
Ms. Shirley Stevens
Ms. Luanne Stewart
Ms. Lynette Stewart
Ms. Maren Stewart
Mr. Robert Stewart
Mrs. Judy Still
Mr. Troy Stockman
Ms. Katie Stockton
Mrs. Cynthia Stoddard
Mr. Chad Stoffel
Ms. Jennifer Stokes
Ms. Kristin Stork
Mr. Mark Story
Ms. Haleigh Stout
Mrs. Margaret Strauch
Mrs. Deborah Strine
Mrs. Janice Stroh
Mrs. Carol Stuart
Mr. Michael Stuepfert
Ms. Anais Suarez
Ms. Molly Sudmeier

Mrs. Linda Sullivan
Ms. Nicole Sullivan, R.N.
Ms. Audrey Sumstad
Ms. Tanvi Sura
Mr. Michael Sussman
Ms. Rosann Sutton
Ms. Chandra Swain
Ms. Erin Swank
Ms. Molly Swanton
Mr. Devin Sweat
Ms. Erin Sylte
Ms. Kathleen Thu Ta
Ms. Susan Tannenbaum
Ms. Rhonda Tanner, R.N.
Mr. Jordan Tansiongco
Mr. Jeremy Tasky
Mrs. Hadley Taylor
Mrs. Sandra Taylor-Day
Ms. Linds B Tempel
Ms. Jane Temple
Dr. Dale Terasaki
Ms. Gari Terry
Mrs. Terri Terry
Mr. Emnet Tesfu
Ms. Kellie Teter
Ms. Aryn Thedens
Mrs. Jeanne Theede
Ms. Nicole Theriault
Ms. Danielle Thomas
Mrs. Shirley Thomas
Mr. Timothy Thomas
Ms. Anne Thompson
Mr. Jim Thompson
Ms. Kris Thompson
Mrs. Mary Thompson
Ms. Barbara Thorngren
Ms. Gina Thornton
Mrs. Vanessa Thornton
Ms. Meghan Thorson
Ms. Lorrie Tietze
Ms. Adelaide Tillinghast
Ms. Christina Tinsley
Mr. Damon Tobias
Ms. Betsy Tobin
Ms. Nancy Tomb
Mr. Robert Tomey
Mr. Ed Toms

Mr. Eric Tonnies
Ms. Jasmin Torrecillas
Ms. Nicole Toscano
Mrs. Mary Trathen
Ms. Mandy Trept
Mr. David Troeger and Mrs. Christine Troeger
Mr. Don Troike
Ms. Kimberly Trubetsky
Ms. Aleka Trujillo
Ms. Leticia Trujillo
Mrs. Kylee Trunck
Ms. Nicole Tsiouvaras
Mr. Jason Tucker
Mr. Armen Tumanyan
Ms. Michele Ukleja
Ms. Jamela Urban
Ms. Cynthia Vais
Ms. Maritza Valenzuela
Ms. Nanci Van Fleet
Mrs. Deborah Van Houten
Mr. Michael Van Meter
Mr. Mark Van Tine
Mr. Sam Van Why
Ms. Mylene Van Zijl
Dr. Kim Vanderholm
Ms. Mary Vangorden
Ms. Joanna Vargas
Ms. Margarita Vargas
Ms. Nancy Vaughan
Ms. Marilyn Vaughn
Ms. Elizabeth Vehlow
Ms. Maria Veliz
Ms. Tawny Vessey
Ms. Mary Victorio Alvarez
Ms. Shelby Victory
Ms. Sylvia Vigil
Ms. Susan Villa
Ms. Martha Villanueva Torres
Ms. Ricki Vincent
Dr. Stephen Vogler
Ms. Lindsay Von Qualen
Ms. Greta VonBernuth
Ms. Tiffany Vonseggern
Ms. Karen Voss
Mr. Doug Vunder
Mr. Andrew Wagner
Mrs. Patti Wagner

Ms. Jennifer Walker
Mr. Tim Walker
Ms. Pat Wall
Ms. Tracy Wall
Mrs. Sara Wallden
Ms. Cheryl Walters
Ms. Linda Walters
Mr. David Waples
Ms. Christine Warburton
Mr. Paul Ward
Dr. Katherine Washington
Ms. Lisa Wathen, R.N.
Mrs. Stacie Watkins
Ms. Ashlie Watters
Ms. Christine Webb
Mr. Jim Webb
Mrs. Stacy Webert
Ms. Marcie Weiler
Mrs. Colleen Weiss
Ms. Evan Weiss
Mr. Michael Welch
Mr. Moss Welch
Ms. Betty Wells
Ms. June Wells
Ms. Kay Wells
Mrs. Sandra Westbrook
Mr. John Westcott
Ms. Shirley Whaley
Mr. W.L. Whaley
Ms. Lisa Whannel
Ms. Shelby White, P.A.
Ms. Pamela Whitlow, R.N.
Mr. Joseph Widdel III
Ms. Theodora Wiest-Kent and Mr. Roy Kent
Mr. Richard Wigdor
Ms. Susan Wigham
Ms. Linnea Wilkinson
Mr. Bryan Wilky
Ms. Alexandra Williams
Mr. Brian Williams
Ms. Brooke Williams
Ms. Cindy Wilson
Mrs. Julie Winegar
Mr. Scott Winfield
Ms. Margaret Winter
Ms. Priscilla Winter
Mr. David Winterhalter

Ms. Sherry Wise
Ms. Linda Witter
Ms. Kellen Wittkop
Mr. Habtamu Woldeyes
Mr. Zachary Wolfel
Ms. Christy Wood
Mr. Kevin Wood
Ms. Glenna Wooderson
Mr. Richard Woodruff
Mrs. Diane Woodworth-Jordan
Mrs. Cheryl Wooley
Ms. Cortney Worrell
Ms. Teresa Worthington
Ms. Sandra Wunder
Ms. Debra Wykoff
Ms. Jean Wysocki
Ms. Diane Wziontka
Mr. Williams Yeboah
Ms. Phyllis Yee
Mr. James Yester
Mrs. Patricia Young
Ms. Rosemary Young
Ms. Sharon Young
Ms. Brenda Zack
Ms. Tina Zadron
Mr. Jonathan Zaldana
Ms. Ebony Zamora
Ms. Nancy Zanetti
Ms. Alana Zhu, R.N.
Ms. Katherine Ziegenfus
Ms. Irene Zimmer
Ms. Cheryl Zimmerman
Mrs. Jessica Zimmerman
Ms. Melanie Zimmerman
Mr. Peter Ziverts
Mr. Dawud Ziyad
Ms. Theresa Zook
Ms. Alex Zuccarelli
Ms. Courtney Zuk, R.N.
Ms. Lidiya Zykova


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
ZOMA Foundation

Epic Charitable Fund
Roots & Wings Foundation
Tuchman Family Foundation

The Anchor Fund at Rose Community Foundation
Caring for Colorado Foundation
Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation
The Denver Foundation
Latino Coalition for Community Leadership
The Piton Foundation
Rose Community Foundation
Singer Family Foundation
Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation
Turner Construction Company

The Anna and John J. Sie Foundation
Broe Family Foundation
Citywide Banks
Dependable Cleaners
Direct Relief
The Gogel Family Foundation
Raymond James Charitable Endowment
The Sato Foundation

American Cancer Society
Blue Federal Credit Union
CAST Water Safety Foundation
The Gerber Foundation
Kindness Wins

Shana Glassman Foundation
Teammates For Kids Foundation
Vivage Quality Health Care

A. Friends' Foundation Trust
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
BKD CPAs & Advisors, LLP
The Christian P. Anschutz Foundation
Cogent Entertainment Marketing
The Colorado Trust
Commerce Bank
Commerce Trust Company
Denver Health Trauma Services
The Driscoll Foundation
Federico and Cindy Peña Family Fund
Gilliand & Hayes, LLC
Harmes C. Fishback Foundation Trust
Hospital Shared Services, Inc. (HSS)
MDC/Richmond American Homes Foundation
MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc.
NAI Shames Makovsky Realty Company
Porter Adventist Hospital
Turner Construction Company Foundation
UC Health
UMB Bank
Webb Group International
Xcel Energy

Aargon Agency
AlarmSpecialists, Inc.
Alpine Bank
Altruista Health
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Bose Corporation Charitable Fund
Boulder Associates Architects
CCS Fundraising
Civil Technology, Inc.
Cognizant US Corp
Colorado Access
Colorado Rockies Baseball Club
Community First Foundation
COPIC Insurance Company

Dell Technologies
Delta Dental of Colorado
Denver Health Medical Plan, Inc.
Donor Alliance, Inc.
Eat Denver, LLC
Ernest S. Madison Family Foundation
Fairfield and Woods, PC
FirstBank Holding Company
Haugen Consulting Group, Inc.
Hord Coplan Macht
Howell Construction
Jensen & Partners
Kaufman Hall
LaserCycle USA
M.B. Glassman Foundation
Mendez, Barkis and Associates
Mission Yogurt, Inc.
Murphy Company Mechanical Contractors
Owens Corning Foundation, Inc.
Palo Alto Inc.
PEAK Resources, Inc.
Physician Assistant Foundation
Plante Moran
Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Safety
S.B. Clark Companies
Saunders Construction
SciMed, LLC
UC Department of Anesthesiology
Vectra Bank
Vizient, Inc.

5280 Contract Flooring
Armanino Foundation
Atlas Metal & Iron Corp.
Denver Fire Department Foundation
Denver Health & Hospitals Authority
Denver Health Department of Family Medicine
Denver Police Foundation
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Hologic Charitable Fund at The San Diego Foundation
Latin American Educational Foundation
Life Line Emergency Vehicles, Inc.
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Osage Initiatives

Rocky Mountain Emergency Vehicles

Apple Matching Gifts Program
The Bachmann Strauss Family Fund
BTG International Inc.
Budd Family Foundation
Cator, Ruma & Associates Co.
Cumberland Pharmaceuticals
Denver Museum of Nature & Science
EJL98 Charitable Trust, on behalf of Edward Lenkin and Roselin Atzwanger
Gallun Snow Associates, LLC
Gear the World
General Air Service and Supply
Giddy Up Fund of Denver Foundation
Great-West Financial
Halker Consulting, LLC
KeyBank Foundation
Mile High United Way
NJS Tattoos Inc.
The O'Sullivan Law Firm, P.C.
The Paula B. and Oliver W. Jones Family Foundation
RBG, Inc.
Rocky Vista University, LLC
Russ and Sue Haskell Charitable Fund
Saint Catherine Greek Orthodox Church
Sheiner Family Donor Advised Fund
Signal Behavioral Health Network
SoulCycle, Inc.
TDC Management
The Vertex Companies, Inc.
VIP Recognition LLC
Wolters Kluwer Health
YEH and Associates, Inc.
Zocalo Community Development

AmazonSmile Foundation
Card Investments, Inc.
Cumberland Consulting Group
Hayes Family Foundation
Hewlett Packard
Heyborne Family Charitable Fund
Hudson and Grove LLC, dba Hudson Grove Property Management
The Jones/Davis Family Giving Foundation

The Lynda and Peter Fox Fund
Metier Law Firm, LLC
Northrop Grumman Foundation
Pinkard Construction
Tony Pho Vietnamese Restaurant

Aramark Sports & Entertainment
Cigna Healthcare/Great-West Healthcare
Denver Alumnae of Alpha Phi - Alpha Phi Sorority
Equinix, Inc.
Frie Family Foundation
Gap Inc. Corporate
Google Matching Gifts Program
Kaseya Connect Local
Kroenke Sports Holdings
Marsh & McLennan Companies
Oath, Inc
Paul Melinkovich Family Fund
Robert Half Staffing Agency & Recruiters
Schneider Electric North America Foundation
Social Order of the Beauceant-Denver Assembly #1
Stanley British Primary School
University of Colorado at Denver
Vanguard Matching Corporation
Willow Elementary School

9 News
Alpha Phi International Fraternity/Sorority: Denver Alumnae
AT&T Colorado
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Denver Sheriff Health Services
Fidelity Investments
Give Inlieu
Medtronics Foundation Corporation
Microsoft Give/Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

New York Life
Next with Kyle Clark
OneHope Wine
PayPal Giving Fund
Playful Mirrors
The Scripps Howard Foundation
U.S. Bank Foundation
Wells Fargo Corporate Philanthropy and Community Relations
Xcel Energy Foundation


180 Innovations
Abell to Sell
Acertara Acoustic Laboratories
All Love Catering
All Souls Catholic School
Alpha Phi International Fraternity/Sorority: Denver Alumnae
Alpha Xi Delta (Chapter: Alpha Epsilon)
Alta Sobo Station
American Heart Association
Applewood Valley United Methodist Church
ARC Thrift Stores
Arcane Limited
Ball Aerospace
Bang Energy
Barolo Grill
Bessie Coleman Chapter of Fly Girls & Boys Aviation
Big Bear Engine Company
Bindery Restaurant
Blue Federal Credit Union
Bluepoint Bakery
Bobo's Oat Bars
Boy Scout Troop 685
Brothers BBQ Catering and Corporate Headquarters
Buddha Light International Association (BLIA)
Canvas Credit Union
Capital One
Capuchin Franciscans
Cherry Creek East Singles Group
Cherry Creek High School Community Service Committee
Cherry Creek Rotary Club
Chinese American Association for Rocky Mountain Region
Chook Charcoal Chicken
ClearChoice Dental Implant Center Denver
Clermont Park – Christian Living Community
Clove & Twine
Coda Coffee Company
Colorado Dental Association
The Colorado Health Foundation
Constellation Beer
Crossroads Dermatology
David & Laura Merage Foundation
DaVita, Inc.

Del Frisco's Grille Cherry Creek
Delivering Good
Den Cares
Denver CARES
Denver Community Knitting
Denver Jewish Day School
Denver Public Schools, Strategy & Program Management Office
Denver Women's Recovery
Denver Yogi Rescue Mission
Dependable Cleaners
Dharma Relief Project
Direct Relief
Dumb Friends League
Dunkin Donuts
Earl's Kitchen + Bar—Park Meadows
Educational Conference Consulting Services (ECCS)
El Jardin Restaurant
Emily Griffith Technical College
Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center
Extract Consultants
First American Title Insurance Company
Food Bank of the Rockies
Four Friends Kitchen
Four Seasons Denver
Front Range Energy
Frontline Foods Denver
George's Gourmet Pound Cakes
Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Haemonetics Corporation
Hana Designs
Holly Mullins Agency
Home Depot – Parker
Hooked on Colfax
Hoplark HopTea
Hutton Mortgage Team
Hyde Park Jewelers
ICON Dental Denver
Iglesia Amistad Church
Infinity Product Group
Innovia Medical
i-Orthodontics Lone Tree
J Street Food Truck
J2 Medical Supply
Jefferson County Open School
Jewish Community Foundation of Colorado
Kansas Children's Service League

Kappa Alpha Theta
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Kelley Trucking Inc.
KEPHART Architectural Design Services
Keurig Dr. Pepper
KIND Snacks
Knitting 4 Peace
Koelbel Library Knitters
Kroger Corporation
L & D Gives
Lane Supply Company
Lily's Sweets
Little India Restaurant
The Logan School for Creative Learning
Lou's Italian Specialties
LRS Enterprises, LLC
Lutheran Church of the Master
Maine Shack Restaurant
Maruca Design
Modelo USA
Monfort Companies
Monster Energy Co.
The Mortgage Company
National Charity League, Inc. – Rocky Mountain Chapter
National Charity League
NCL Blue Sky
New Beginnings Psychotherapy
North West Roofing
Northglenn United Methodist Church Cuddlemakers
Nova Staging and Redesign
Now Pho Vietnamese Restaurant
Occasions Catering
OfficeScapes Market Street
Old Man Squat Club
Olive & Finch
Operation Gratitude
Organic India USA
Panda Cares Foundation, Inc.
Park Burger - RiNo
Patagonia Inc.
Pax Christian Church
PDC Energy
Peoples Presbyterian Church
Phoenician Kabob Restaurant
Pilots For Kids
Pinnacol Assurance
Podium Marketing

Poke Concept – Glendale
Price Waterhouse Cooper LLP
Project C.U.R.E.
Project Linus
Proofpoint, Inc.
Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers
Rio Grande Company
RISE Brewing Co.
Safta Restaurant
Sew 'n Sews
Sexy Pizza
Shift Workspaces
The Silkscreen Machine
SliceWorks Pizzeria
SoulNia Vegetarian Soul Food
St. Andrew UMC—Yarn For Others
St. Paul Lutheran Church
Stapleton Church
Starbucks Coffee Company
Starlight Children's Foundation
Stem Ciders
Suja Juice
Target - Denver Downtown
Target Corporate Headquarters
Tavern Hospitality Group
Thee Oh to Be Redeemed Sanctuary
Three Sisters Non-Profit
Tonic Incorporated
Tortuga AgTech
Trilogy Financial
Tripwireless LLC
True Food Kitchen
Tupelo Honey Cafe
U.S. Meat Export Federation
UC School of Pharmacy (Skaggs)
The Universal Church
University of Colorado Leeds School of Business
Urban Outreach Denver
Wacoal America
Warm A Heart

Warm Hearts—Warm Babies
Watercourse Foods
We Don't Waste
Wellthy Living
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Westside Investment Partners, Inc.
WilmerHale - Denver
Wingstop Commerce City
Women With Purpose
Y.Lo Epicure Catering
Zakhem Real Estate Group