William J. Burman, M.D.

Bill Burman, M.D. is passionate about using the size and breadth of Denver Health to improve health in our community. He leverages the hospital’s resources in his current role as director of Denver Health’s Public Health department. He also teaches about infectious diseases at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Bill joined Denver Public Health in 1995 as an infectious disease physician and was promoted to director in 2011. His early career focused on improving clinical care and developing better treatments for patients with HIV and tuberculosis. He then shifted to developing effective community collaborations to address key health challenges in Denver.

Notable achievements include leading the successful expansion of health insurance coverage in Denver through the Affordable Care Act and creating two collaborative efforts to decrease health disparities in the community: the Mile-High Health Alliance (a collaboration of medical, behavioral and social service providers in Denver) and the Denver Metro Partnership for Health (a collaboration of public health agencies across the metro area).