Denver Health has a bold vision to build on its legacy and transform the health of patients and the entire Denver community. Our health system anchors this community by providing world-class care for everyone – including more than $246 million in uncompensated care annually. As an anchor, the hospital also invests in the local economy through jobs, purchasing, and strategic partnerships using our permanence and size to provide further community benefit.

At Denver Health, there is endless opportunity to help people thrive. It draws on a strong network of providers to ensure the right care is offered at the right time and that root causes of society’s health issues are tackled until resolution. Denver Health is both anchor and catalyst.

What is an Anchor Institution?

Anchor Institutions are organizations with staying power that are rooted in their local communities. Unlike some companies – usually for-profits – that come and go from a community and send most of their capital to out-of-town headquarters, an Anchor Institution invests in the area. Denver Health, for example, exists to serve the community of Denver and could not carry out its mission in a different locale. Additionally, these place-based institutions have resources that can be leveraged for local development, particularly to improve the well-being of vulnerable populations.

To be considered a true Anchor Institution, these companies must devote economic resources outside of the organization to improve their community. This is usually done by investing in projects and resources that improve social determinants of health including education, employment, income, social supports, and safety of a community.

Why Denver Health?

As a safety net hospital, Denver Health is uniquely positioned to provide substantial benefit to vulnerable populations by adopting the Anchor Mission. Denver Health’s goal in becoming an Anchor Institution is to help provide community members with a springboard to launch their social, economic, and health stability.