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Finnish babies sleep in boxes, and now all new Colorado babies can get a free one, too

July 17, 2017

New and expectant mothers across Colorado will soon be eligible to receive a free gift: a cardboard box that health workers hope will reduce infant mortality.

The box comes courtesy of The Baby Box Co., a for-profit maker of the kinds of boxes that mothers in Finland have received for decades. The boxes include a basic foam mattress and can serve as a safe sleep space for infants up to about 6 months old. A smattering of other items — such as diapers, wipes and onesies — are also included with the boxes.

While the reasons behind infant mortality are complicated, unsafe sleep environments — especially when the mother and baby share the same bed — are one contributing factor, said Robin Engleberg, the program manager for the Denver Health Foundation, which is participating in the baby box campaign. The new program will help connect mothers early with education resources to help them better care for their babies, she said.

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