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Media Inquiries

Please contact Denver Health's Media Relations Office at 303-520-9591 or with media inquiries.

Who gets to be a doctor?

December 06, 2017

Thanks to an equity-driven partnership with Denver Health, students are making inroads into health care opportunities.   Story by Cory Phare | Photos courtesy Alyson McClaran + Denver Health Jose Parra Gonzalez works with patients who have stage 4 cancer. The 2016 graduate who majored in biology and minored in chemistry is now a professional research assistant and clinical coordinator, advancing knowledge that may one day improve end-of-life care delivery... More ›

One doctor, six counselors and a therapy dog help Denver students beat drug addiction

November 27, 2017

Many Denver youths struggling with drug abuse can find help and a safe haven as near as their school nurse’s office. Six schools in the Denver metro area offer substance abuse treatment during school hours through a program whose increased success may be tied to ease of access. “We have good treatment for adolescents with substance abuse problems, but only 10 percent of them in Colorado access care,” project director... More ›

Denver Health’s growing patient population and the proposed Outpatient Medical Center

November 07, 2017

On November 7 — or now, if you vote by mail-in ballot — Denver residents will decide if they want to approve nearly a billion dollars’ worth of bond measures, the heftiest general obligation bond proposal in the city’s history. The GO Bond package, billed as “a plan to repair and improve Denver’s infrastructure,” is broken up into seven categories, labeled 2A through 2G: transportation and mobility systems; cultural facilities,... More ›

Doctors, nurses are trained to care for abused, neglected children at Denver foster clinic

August 22, 2017

The 5-year-old had a two-hour meltdown before he came to the pediatrician, where he sat in an exam room mad-faced, arms crossed in front of his kid-sized paper gown. The reason he was so ornery had little to do with having a checkup, and everything to do with recently moving in with foster parents. Dr. Lora Melnicoe, who sees about 10 foster children and teens each day at the Connections... More ›

Finnish babies sleep in boxes, and now all new Colorado babies can get a free one, too

July 17, 2017

New and expectant mothers across Colorado will soon be eligible to receive a free gift: a cardboard box that health workers hope will reduce infant mortality. The box comes courtesy of The Baby Box Co., a for-profit maker of the kinds of boxes that mothers in Finland have received for decades. The boxes include a basic foam mattress and can serve as a safe sleep space for infants up to... More ›

Why Denver health officials hope a simple cardboard box will reduce infant mortality

July 17, 2017

Denver Public Health hopes soon to begin a campaign distributing free baby sleep boxes across the city, a first, modest step in Colorado to help new parents gain access to a simple tool that health experts say could greatly reduce infant mortality. The boxes — made of cardboard and decorated with playful, kid-friendly designs — are given to new or expecting mothers and typically hold diapers, wipes and maybe a... More ›

Seen: Denver Health Foundation’s Hot Rocks Griller Challenge

June 20, 2017

The chefs who create all the delicious food served at Denver Health’s 2017 Hot Rocks Griller Challenge don’t spend all their time behind the grill. Just like the 1,000 ticket-holders, they sample and vote for their favorites, too. So when this al fresco fundraiser for the Denver Health Urology Clinic concludes, there are two sets of winners. Tyler Wiard, culinary director for the John Elway family of restaurants, won the... More ›

Seen: NightShine 2017 honors AEG Live president Chuck Morris

May 26, 2017

Six years ago, when Steve Farber and David McReynolds asked Chuck Morris to join the board of the Denver Health Foundation, he turned them down. He had too many irons in the fire, he told them, and didn’t think it would be a good idea to accept a position that he’d have a hard time devoting the proper time to. Shortly thereafter, as he perused the souvenir journal at NightShine,... More ›

Refugee Children Outfitted With Donated Clothing

March 29, 2017

DENVER (CBS4) – Dozens of refugee children have new clothes thanks to the Denver Health Foundation. The group held its second “Refugee Outreach Event” Sunday. Volunteers helped outfit children with donated coats, pants, shoes, and more. Some volunteers say it was a humbling experience. “To get some clothes, hygiene, shoes…things that they usually don’t get like how we’re privileged. We’re trying to give them a chance to get the things... More ›

R.O.C.K event provides refugee families with free necessities

March 27, 2017

DENVER — A group of Denver Health patients got some help with acclimating to Colorado’s changing conditions on Sunday. Refugee families were given necessities like clothing and toiletries through the Denver Health Foundation’s Refugee Outreach Clothing Kids (R.O.C.K.) program. The amount of items collected, which were donated to the foundation, was enough to help roughly 300 refugee children being treated at Denver Health’s refugee clinic. The kids spent Sunday morning... More ›

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