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A note from the CEO…

February 05, 2019

Happy New Year!  The ending of a year is always a time of celebration, a time to give thanks for all we cherish and a chance to pause and reflect back on the year that has ended. For Denver Health, 2018 has been truly significant in terms of the many accomplishments across the organization, as well as progress that has been made against important strategic goals. In fact, there have been so many good things occurring that I can’t possibly speak to them all! 

At the beginning of 2018, we set out to address some of the issues and challenges that exist in our community or that get in the way of our faculty and staff as they deliver on our incredibly important mission. I am extraordinarily proud that we accepted this challenge – really understanding where we have an opportunity to improve and grow to serve our community, and pushed forward to make changes that will, ultimately, benefit those who need us the most. 

And while I can’t acknowledge everything, here are some highlights from the year:

• In 2018, we broke ground on the new Outpatient Medical Center (OMC). The building is beginning to take shape and is a visible symbol of our promise to provide the best possible care to Denver’s residents for many years to come.
• This year we celebrated the career of our trauma surgeon, Dr. Gene Moore, naming our Level One Trauma Center after him. During more than four decades of continued service at Denver Health, Dr. Moore, who literally wrote the book on trauma medicine, has achieved international recognition.
• We established the Center for Addiction Medicine to better meet the needs of these extremely vulnerable patients.
• This year we held our first annual awards luncheon for the Paramedic Division, presenting 12 awards for their life-saving work and service to the community. Our paramedics respond to more than 115,000 calls every year and transport some 75,000 patients.
• The LGBT Center of Excellence hosted world renowned gender transition surgeon, Dr. Marci Bowers, as she trained Dr. Chris Carey to perform gender confirmation surgery. Denver Health is now the only hospital in Colorado, and one of the few in the United States, to offer the procedure. The center has provided affirming care to hundreds of LGBTQ patients.

I could go on and on, without ever truly capturing the breadth and depth of the positive things happening at Denver Health. But the most important message is that we do all that we do because it matters to the people we care for.  The City of Denver and all the residents of this region trust us to have the best interests of our patients and community at heart and I believe we live up to that trust every day.
Thank you for your support.

Robin D. Wittenstein, Ed.D., FACHE
Chief Executive Officer, Denver Health and Hospital Authority

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